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TransformingTheChurch's Advanced Registrar and Bursar System

Ordering and enrolling in our courses, communities or events are fully automated and integrated into the complete learning system, The entire process of selecting the course, community or event you want, paying (if required) and being automatically provisioned into your selection is handled instantly.

Dynamic Registrar's Catalog

Ordering our courses begins with using our Dynamic Registrar's Catalog. End users can browse or search the catalog or use the unique URL to go directly to the order page. The contents of the Dynamic Registrar's Catalog is built in real time from a dynamic database that contains all of the information about each course, community and event. The database contains all available items, options, their unique workflows and business rules. The dynamically-built Registrar's Catalog can also highlight any new or featured courses. The Dynamic Registrar's  Catalog is the frontend of our powerful e-commerce engine.

Automated Registrar and Bursar Functions

Our system provides fully-automated Registrar and Bursar functions that operate without the need of supervisor intervention and are available 24 hours per day, seven days per week, including holidays.

Each end user selects their  course, community or event from the Dynamic Registrar's Catalog and the Catalog passes each user's selection and its business rules to the automated Registrar system and, in turn, to the Bursar system for any required payment.

Courses, communities and events can be vended in a totally automated fashion with new students paying any required fees by debit cards, credit cards or TeleWorship gift cards. We also support offer codes for special sales and volume discounts for group/bulk purchases. Unique special offer codes can be assigned to qualified individuals or groups. We can support an unlimited number of special offer codes. The system allows us to pre-define all of the business rules for a special offer.

Further, we support Scholarship Codes for providing full or partial scholarships. Students select the course they wish to purchase from the Dynamic Registrar's Catalog, apply their scholarship code, check out and pay through our integrated Bursar.

The Bursar handles all secure e-commerce functions. It is fully secure and audited for security. The Bursar has an integrated payment gateway for real-time payments.

Upon successful financial settlement with the students' credit card company (usually taking only a second or two), the student is instantly provisioned into both the class, community or event roster and the Member Portal of the Connected Community (our virtual campus.)

Receipts and confirmations are provided upon successful checkout and will contain a URL for direct access to the selected Virtual classroom, community or event. All that new students have to do to enter their recently-purchased course, community or event is to click on the URL. Access is instant.