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TransformingTheChurch's Online Learning Platform

logo_200h.jpgWe have built a platform that can be used by multiple institutions at the same time. Each organization fully controls its own curricula, standards, certifications, pricing and branding. Each institution can have one or more Private Communities. We provide all of the technical and operational support for a distance-learning venture. All of this can be provided on a software-as-a-server (SaaS) basis without capital investment and very low start-up costs. The limited funds for our participating institutions can be wholly focused on course development instead of building, maintaining and operating expensive technical infrastructure. 

Importantly, each participating institution benefit greatly from our aggregate user base; each user of our platform is a potential paying student for all of our participating organizations.

The Swiss Army Knife of Online Education; One Tool Does It All

Platform, broad education curricula, learning communities, automated registrar/bursor functions, e-commerce and technical support; all bundled in a single comprehensive bundle. Now you can do it all with one online tool.

Access From Anywhere

Access your online education from anywhere with personal computers or mobile devices.

From homes, offices, coffee shops or airports; any place where you can connect. Now you can participate in fully-interactive learning experiences from anywhere on any device.

Mobile Friendly - One Site; Many Devices

While most website software platforms require you to only use desktop computers — we don't. To us, mobile devices, smartphones and tablets, are not an afterthought. The entire presentation layer of our platform uses "responsive design" techniques that automatically detects the type of device you are using and re-arranges the content on each page to best fit users' devices.

All of our media use "Adaptive Streaming" techniques to automatically adjust the each user's connection speed. Older 3G smartphones automatically get lower-speed media while fiber-to-the-home users get full high-definition media. Between these two extremes, we have a total of eleven speeds to best fit each user's available bandwidth.

Built-In Course Modules To Customize Each Classroom - Say "No" To Buggy Third-Party Plug-Ins

Our platform is a complete solution; no need to download third-party, sometimes unsecure, plug-ins that may not work well together. Our course designers can use any of our interactive modules to build out Virtual Classrooms best suited to the needs of each course.

State-of-the-Art Tech Wrapped In a Beautiful Design

High production values produce the best experience. Point-and-click interactive options work on all browsers and mobile devices. Professionally produced high-def video and web designs.

Experience & Expertise Are Available To You

Our professional support staff is ready to jump in and help ... if you ever need it.

From simple question or full support, our team of professionals with over 50 years of experience can help you whenever need help. No question or request too large or too small!