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TransformingTheChurch's Study Tracks

logo_200h.jpgIndividually, all of our courses and lectures will provide an in-depth education on the subject it covers. However, we also offer multiple courses and lectures on related subjects. When courses and lectures are taken together, in series, the strengths of the content of each individual course and lecture combine to provide an in-depth education in its field of study.

Each course or lecture is a free-standing educational "unit" that can be taken by itself. Even better, the units that are related are mutually supportive and synergistic. Take as a whole, usually sequentially, the units work together synergistically.

Our term for closely-related courses and lectures taken in series is a "study track."

If this were college, a study track would be analogous to your "major" that provides education-in-depth for the purpose of establishing a deeper level of understanding and expertise in the subject.

Our study tracks are based on very big and very important subjects. No one course or lecture can do full justice to the field of study. Our study tracks not only add depth of understanding to the field of study, but also add a breadth of coverage by providing multiple points of view from different subject matter experts, all well-known and respected in their fields.

We are currently offering study tracks on:

Please note that our lectures and self-paced study courses can be taken at any time throughout the year. However, our fully-interactive courses, as synchronous distance learning with an instructor participating and leading the course, are only available at certain pre-scheduled times to accommodate the instructor's schedule. Fully-interactive courses are usually offered on a term basis in our Fall, Spring or Summer term. While you are waiting for a fully-interactive course to be scheduled, you can back-fill with our lectures and self-paced study courses.