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The Member Portal

For all current and former students, we maintain a secure Members Portal where members can meet for discussion, sharing of information, social interaction or for access to free and premium content. Whenever you purchase any of our courses, lectures or events, you automatically get a life-time membership in the Member Portal.

Also, any visitor to our public website is invited to join the Member Portal of our Connected Community free. Membership is free with registration.

Central Hub for All Premium Content

In addition to the free content in the Member Portal, the greater Connected Community contains a large amount of premium content. The Member Portal itself is the free central hub of a larger community of premium content.

Some premium content may not require additional fees but it may require additional registration in order to access its content Other premium content may require fees in addition to additional registration.

We have created high-quality courses and both Special-Interest Communities and Private Communities. The Member Portal anchors all of the content contained in the greater Connected Community.

It is our intention to use the Member Portal of the Connected Community as the "student union building" of our total online learning campus; a central meeting spot for current and former students, faculty, mentors and guests that contain high-quality content and live events.

Also Contains Free Content

The Member Portal of the Connected Community provides free content to any member of the Connected Community without additional registration.

We have populated the general-purpose space of the Member Portal within the Connected Community with its own free content that will be of interest to all of the members of the Connected Community. New content will be added weekly.

Free content includes:

  • News and information
  • Free special-interest communities
  • Free events
  • Free courses
  • Free lectures

Free content is open to all Members of the Connected Community by the fact of simply being a Member.

The Connected Community Is Secure

The Member Portal is secure, and access is via your user credentials:

  • Your username (or e-mail address)
  • The secret password that you set up when you registered.