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Online Courses and Lectures for Groups

Most of our courses and lectures make excellent material for group studies, either for congregation-wide studies or small groups. 

We have three basic configurations facilitate groups that wish to use our courses, lectures and other materials for either group- or congregation-wide studies:

  • A volume discount that discounts the per-seat price of the course; the larger the group, the greater the discount. In this selection, all members of the group have full access to our courses' Virtual Classrooms, all of it media and all interactive features. The members of the group go through the course at the same time meeting in a physical group in a common location/venue or participating from their individual homes of offices.
  • A Group Public-Use License that trains a Group Leader and provide a special license for viewing the course's videos in a group setting in a common location/venue.
  • An Individual Access License for Members of a Group that allows each member of a group using the Group Public-Use License to have their their own user account and the right to view the videos on their own outside of the group setting.

Group Purchases Volume Discounts

You can form a group within your church or ministry to take one of our courses together. Your group will be enrolled in the same class and go through the course together at the same time. Each member of your group will have their own member account and can log in separately join into all class sessions from their location.

If you are making a group purchase, you can take advantage of discounts based on the size of your group; the larger your group, the greater your discount..

Number of Seats in Group Discount on Group Purchase
1 - 2 0%
3 - 4 10%
5 - 9 12%
10- 14 15%
15 - 19 18%
20- 29 21%
30 - 39 24%
40 - 49 27%
50 - 74 30%
75 - 99 32%
100+ 34%

Note that a "seat" is one paid license to the course. Your group will be enrolled in the same class and go through the course together at the same time. Each member of your group will have their own member account and can log in separately join into all class sessions from their location.

Group Public-Use License

Usually, our courses are licensed for individual use; for being used by a single student or, occasionally, a husband-and-wife ministry team.

To support the use of our courseware in group settings such as Bible studies or small-group exercises, we also provide a Group Public-Use License which allows our video to be shown to groups of people in a church setting.

An example of the use of a Group Public-Use License would be for a group of congregants meeting in a church- or middle-judicatory setting to watch our videos over a series of weeks (typically viewing one video per week) and, while in the group setting, discuss the material among the group while being facilitated by a group leader.

A single Group Public-Use License covers a group meeting in a single defined venue (a church, a ministry group, etc.) and lasts for the duration of the course (five weeks, six weeks, etc.) Also, the organization hosting the group and using the Group Public-Use License is welcome to assemble a group of any size from several people to hundreds of people.

A Group Public-Use License cost a few dollars extra to help defray the production costs of the courseware. In exchange, the group can “legally” show the video to the entire group with the blessings of the course’s copyright holder. Additionally, each of our Group Public-Use License includes one individual license for the Group Leader. Using this individual license, the Group Leader can participate in the fully-interactive course and Virtual Classroom where the interactive activities with other students and instructors will help prepare the Group Leader to lead the Bible Study or small group. It is assumed that each group will need at least one leader. However, if more leaders are desired, additional Group Leaders can be trained through the purchase of as many additional individual licenses as needed.

Individual Access License for Members of a Group

Individual participants of a group covered by the Group Public-Use License DO NOT receive the right to log in individually into the Virtual Classroom and stream our video individually. The Group Public-Use License only covers playing the videos in a public group situation from the Group Leader’s account BY the Group Leader. Individual members of the group cannot access the Group Leader’s account.

However, for a small additional fee, each member of a group can purchase access to a specialized Virtual Classroom to view our videos from their home or offices outside the meeting times of the group. Individual Access Licenses provides the individual members of a group with their access whenever they wish during the term of the class. Using this option, each member of a group can view or review our videos as many times as they wish. Also, the specialized Virtual Classroom provides limited interactive functions such as an interactive Class Forum and a few other functions that allow direct participation for the individual members of the members of the group.

Individual Access Licenses for Members of a Group are highly recommended for every member of a group. They have proved very successful for groups and are very popular. However, they are optional. Typically, certain cohorts of a group (those without personal computers or broadband connections) can be served by the public viewing and within-the-group discussion of the Group Public-Use License WITHOUT the individual access option. However, for those members of the group with the technical resources to benefit, Individual Access Licenses for Members of a Group provide a great benefit for a very small fee for each user.