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Broadband Speed Test To the
TeleWorship Data Center

Our distance learning courses uses high-quality streaming video. A good broadband connection from a good Internet service provider with a good routing policy will provide an excellent video experience for our distance-learning videos.

Our media servers will dynamically adjust its download speed for your videos to automatically fit within the capacity of your broadband connection. Our video content is encoded into multiple speed as low as 256-kbps and as high as 3,800-kbps. The highest possible quality media we currently provide requires a download connection speed of 3,800 kbps or higher (as measured bu actual throughput and NOT ISP-advertised connection speeds.) The nominal quality for videos requires a download connection speed of 1,000 kbps. Connections of lesser speed will still be served videos, but at reduced resolution but still very usable quality.

The test below will check your Internet connection between your computer and a test server actually physically located within TeleWorship's Dallas data center. This will show your actual current connection speeds to and from your computer and latency. By locating the connection test application and server within our data center, you can expect more accurate results of your anticipated experience than some other arbitrary test server located somewhere else in the region. The test will return your current download speed, upload speed and the round-trip latency between your computer and our test server in Dallas.