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TransformingTheChurch's Purpose-Built Fully-Integrated Platform

One aspect of our project is our development of our proprietary platform.

Our founder has a great deal of professional experience and expertise in the development of some of the largest and most effective distance learning systems in the world. Using this unique perspective, we quickly came to the conclusion that almost all commercial and open-source learning management systems were purpose-built of applications in K-12 or higher education and ill-suited for our use. As such, we determined that they could not meet our objectives for our particular universe of students and instructors.

Rather than try to do a mash-up of existing ill-fitting systems, we used our expertise to build our own fully-integrated purpose-built platform for our project and its unique objectives.

The resulting platform has been built to carrier-grade standards. It is an entirely cloud-based infrastructure that highly-reliable, can scale to any size and very secure. The entire platform operates from multiple data centers distributed globally into more than 50 locations around the world. It seamlessly integrates both the public cloud as well as multiple highly-secure private clouds in a front-end/back-end architecture. Each data center is connected by at least a dozen tier-1 fiber-optic-based carriers aggregating a minimum of 150 gigabits-per-second of connectivity; many centers have far more connectivity. The entire platform and all system/network elements have full telemetry and is actively managed under the control of a Network Operation Center (NOC) that watches our operations 24x7x52.

Functionally, the same integrated system operates our public website, our communities and our courses. It provides single-sign-on for all password-protected spaces. It integrates a dynamic database driven course catalog that functions as the front-end for our integrated Registrar and Bursar system. Our platform's integrated e-commerce services securely collect all fees and is integrated with our user database so newly purchased courses can be instantly provisioned for immediate access by new students.

As an integrated system, we benefit from a highly efficient and bug-free system but one that also can be made highly secure because there is no mismatch of disparate modules that create the opportunity for security holes.