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Features and Functions of TransformingTheChurch's Communities 

The following features and functions are employed in our Connected Communities, Private Communities and Private Meeting Rooms. The appropriate subset of features and functions for each community can be accessed via the sidebar on the right side of each page of each community.

Community Notices

Community Notices provide a quick and easy way to check for all updates and class news. Critical or late-breaking news about the community will be posted here.

Community Calendar

All community events are listed in the online Community Calendar.

About This Community

The features and functions in this section will provide information about the community itself.

Community Features and Functions

Describes the features and functions available in this community.

How To Use This Community

An on-line whitepaper that makes suggestions about how to get the most out of this community.

Broadband Speed Test

This function will test the actual speed of your broadband connection between your computer and TeleWorship's Dallas data center.

Video-On-Demand Sessions

The video-on-demand sessions of general interest to the community are maintained and updated from time to time and consist of video or audio-graphics multimedia sessions.

Live Sessions

The live session page provides audio/video players for participating in live broadcasts from either desktop sources, large venues or our audio conference bridge.

Live Video Sessions

Our live video sessions feature provides everything needed and makes it easy to broadcast live audio/video events from any authorized instructor or mentor. Anyone can be authorized to be a broadcaster from any location with nothing more than a PC and a webcam. Also, Live Video Sessions can originate from TeleWorship's large venue multiple-camera broadcasting package.

Live Encoder Viewer

Flash Media Live Encoder (FMLE) Viewer is a Web browser-based viewer client that can be controlled by web-based administrative control interface and used to view live streams for one of our Adobe Flash Media Live Encoders which are high-definition live encoders for broadcasting live video or screencasts of PowerPoint presentations.

Live Audio Conference Calls

We provide the use of a carrier-grade audio conference bridge for conducting class conference calls and class discussion.

Community Forum

A fully-functional forum is available here to provide a community-wide venue for discussion. Any member of the community may read and post new topics for discussion or comments.  If you have a question about any session or a question on any general topic, you can post it here, and we will quickly address it so everyone can have the same information or share in the discussion.

Class Basic Text Chat

Class Basic Text Chat allows simple interactive text chat functionality among members of the community at any time. In this simple version of chat, video is not included.

Presenter Chat

Presenter Chat gives the ability to control a classroom-like environment in which an instructor or presenter can have a 2-way audio-video-text chat with a group and choose which person from the audience will have the user podium.


VideoGallery is a simple and fun application that gives people the ability to create and view short audio-video messages including such features as Webcam Recording, Thumbnail Video Selection with click-and-play viewing, and it is social media-friendly. Even guests can record their webcams.

FaceTime Broadcasting

The FaceTime Broadcasting application allows two live camera feeds to be sent to many users. It is anticipated that the primary use of FaceTime Broadcasting will be one-on-one interviews where the two participants (interviewer and interviewee) are in two distant locals with nothing more than a PC, webcam and Internet connection. However, this facility can also be used for round-robin discussions among members of the class. When used for round-robin discussions, the two video slots are available on a first-come-first-serve basis. When someone stops the video feed, the first person to click the broadcast button gets the open video feed. Users can always see the number of live viewers.

My Conversations

Do you have a question or comment that needs to be kept in confidence?  In My Conversations, you can have a private conversation with the Distance Learning Faculty and Staff.  The student's side of the conversation can only be viewed by the individual student (not the class or the community at large) while the Faculty and Staff's side of the conversation can be seen and responded to by any member of the Faculty and Staff.