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Lecture SL-03 - Relational Stewardship

by Sandy Lindahl

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Because transformative stewardship includes caring for our personal relationships, the Relational Stewardship course will provide Christian models and practices for healthy relationships of various kinds and their positive outcomes for individuals, congregations, and communities. Students will consider a broad range of personal relationships ranging from God and self, family and friends, workplace and worship-place connections, and communal relationships that can bring new purpose and energy to congregations. Topics in the Relational Stewardship course include racial tensions in communities, economic and class divisions, generational perspectives, emotional connections and trust, personal well-being, and more.

Special Low Price To Make The Relational Stewardship Lecture Accessible

The low price of the lecture makes it available to individual people or groups of clergy, lay leaders, and congregants of churches in small study groups.

We have endeavored to make this course as RELEVANT and as ACCESSIBLE to as many people as possible. Our goal is foster a broad understanding of relational stewardship.

We offer this lecture to the Church and Her Servants with hopes that you can participate. Group discounts are also available for study groups of three or more.

Part of Our Video Lecture Series

This lecture, "Relational Stewardship," is one of our video-only Lecture Series consisting of four audio-graphic lectures from Sandy Lindahl. All video lectures are delivered as streaming video to media players embedded into each lecture’s page in a dedicated Virtual Classroom.

  • Session 1: 12:15 (mm:ss)
  • Session 2: 20:10 (mm:ss)
  • Session 3: 17:54 (mm:ss)
  • Session 4: 24:32 (mm:ss)

For the price of registration, you will receive 120 days of unlimited access to this course’s Virtual Classroom and all of its included videos and other class materials. You may come and go into this course’s online Virtual Classroom as often as you wish.

An Ideal Course for Both Individuals and Small Groups

This lecture is designed for both individuals and small groups who wish to learn more about the importance of healthy relationships in generous stewardship. The course makes an excellent small-group study or a church-wide study.

Online Distance Learning

This a distance-learning lecture that can be completed online without the need for travel; either across town or to another city. The course can be taken from a home, office or even a coffee shop. All you need is a web browser and a broadband Internet connection. The course can be successfully used by people with only the most basic of computer skills.

Additional Information About "Relational Stewardship"

In the sidebar on the right side of the page, there is additional information about this course. Please explore these pages for more information.

Course Instructor: Sandy Lindahl


Ms. Sandy Lindahl is authorized as a Commissioned Minister for Holistic Stewardship by the United Church of Christ. The Principal of Lindahl Consultants, Sandy guides church and non-profit leaders through capital campaigns, annual giving, planned giving, endowment, and major gifts initiatives. She is an inspirational coach, successful fundraiser and a popular speaker and author on fundraising and spiritual connections with money and possessions.

Sandy has worked with lay and ministerial leaders in various faith traditions and several countries including the US, Canada, Ghana, and Germany. Her previous employers include the College of Wooster, The Ohio State University, The Trust for Public Land, Ackley Consulting Group, United Church Funds, and the United Church of Christ.

A lifelong church member and leader, Sandy is a founding member at Amistad Chapel UCC in downtown Cleveland, Ohio. She earned a BA in English and Economics from the State University of New York College at Geneseo, completed courses at Andover Newton Theological School and is a member of the Association of Fundraising Professionals.