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Study Track - Church Leadership

logo_200h.jpgWe have a series of courses and lectures that will help you study the discipline of church leadership. We can also suggest the order in which to take them.

Related courses, taken sequentially in series is called a "study track." Our study tracks are composed of both courses and lectures that are directly related to their subject; in this case, church leadership.

 For more information about our study tracks, see "About Our Study Tracks."

Please note that our lectures and self-paced study courses can be taken at any time. However, our fully-interactive, as synchronous courses with an instructor participating and leading the course, courses are only available at certain times to accommodate the instructor's schedule. Fully-interactive courses are usually offered on a term basis in our Fall, Spring or Summer term. While you are waiting for a fully-interactive course to be scheduled, you can backfill with our lectures and self-paced study courses.

Shown below are our currently available courses and lectures for this study track along with some suggestions about their order and use in this study track.

LM-01 - The Calling of Congregational Leadership

by Dr. Larry McSwain

This course will focus on the multiple meanings of the vocation of ministry for both clergy and lay leaders. The class will give attention to three aspects of functioning effectively as a congregational leader.

Details: The Calling of Congregational Leadership

GB-02 - Every Congregation Needs a Little Conflict

By George Bullard

Seeks to help congregational leaders develop the capacity to handle healthy conflict, and to know what to do when the periodic unhealthy conflict occurs. A clear assessment is provided of the seven intensities of conflict as well as strategies and tactics.

Details: Every Congregation Needs a Little Conflict

GH-01 - Leading Congregations through Crisis

by Greg Hunt

Effective leadership during a church’s unexpected situational crises can make the difference as to whether things get better or worse. This course provides best-practices guidance for leading during, after, and even before crisis strikes. 

Details: Leading Congregations through Crisis