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TranformingTheChurch's Online Lecture Series

logo_200h.jpgTo further support our fully-interactive distance-learning curricula, we also have a robust set of supporting lectures.

Some of our lectures are also being concurrently offered as fully-interactive distance learning with personal interaction with our instructors, graded assignments and credit or certification for the purposes of those seeking standing or professional continuing education. Our for-credit fully-interactive distance-learning courses are typically more costly to take.

Others in our Lectures Series have been previously taught as fully-interactive distance-learning courses but are currently inactive. The majority will be offered again at a future date.

Some of our Lecture Series are lectures produces solely for this Lecture Series.

In all cases, our lectures are presented pre-recorded media-on-demand. You can use the media whenever you wish. Most of our media in the Lecture Series are high-definition video, but some audio-graphic and audio lectures are included too. All are delivered as streaming media using our advanced Adaptive Streaming technology that supports all devices from smartphones, to tablets, to high-definition desktops and large-screen displays. Our systems support the highest possible quality that your broadband connection and viewing device will allow.

Our lectures are designed to be very affordable and accessible to all.

Shown below are summaries of our Lecture Series. Details of each lecture can be seen by following the links to the public information pages about each course.

BB-01 - Creating a Culture of Generosity

by Bruce Barkhauer

A Biblical, theological, and best Practice view of stewardship for the pastor and local congregation; an exploration of stewardship as a spiritual discipline. It examines the broad biblical understandings and theological underpinnings of stewardship.

Details: Creating a Culture of Generosity

BB-02 - Personal Finance

by Bruce Barkhauer

Explores the relationship between Paul’s question to Timothy “How can a person manage God’s Church if he/she cannot manage his/her own household?” and ten economic principles to guide you in building the capacity for generosity.

Details: Personal Finance

BB-04 - Stewardship In Scripture

by Bruce Barkhauer

Stewardship encompasses more than money. In this course, students will gain a rich understanding of biblical stewardship principles: the theology of abundance, the importance of generosity, stewardship as transformation, stewardship of the Gospel, and more.

Details: Stewardship In Scripture

GB-01 - Transforming Congregations: a Spiritual Strategic Journey

By George Bullard

This course covers elements of an assessment and learning pre-season to prepare congregational leaders for a Spiritual Strategic Journey. This Journey is a process for empowering congregations to reach their full Kingdom potential.

Details: Transforming Congregations: a Spiritual Strategic Journey

GB-02 - Every Congregation Needs a Little Conflict

By George Bullard

Seeks to help congregational leaders develop the capacity to handle healthy conflict, and to know what to do when the periodic unhealthy conflict occurs. A clear assessment is provided of the seven intensities of conflict as well as strategies and tactics.

Details: Every Congregation Needs a Little Conflict

GB-03 - Congregational Choices: Transitions & Changes

By George Bullard

When congregations engage in transitions and changes that may lead to transformation they need to know more about the choices available to them that will empower them to be FaithSoaring in a manner that they may reach their full Kingdom potential.

Details: Congregational Choices: Transitions & Changes

BD-01 - Cultivating Perennial Churches: Guide to Long-Term Growth

by Bob Dale

This course explores the reasons some churches grow perennially—season after season—while most churches don't. It will identify seven principles for perennial strength.

Details: Cultivating Perennial Churches - Guide to Long-Term Growth

DH-01 - Recreating the Church: Leadership for The Post-Modern Age

by Dr. Dick Hamm

This five-session course helps us make sense of the new context in which we of the Church find ourselves. Provides practical models by which to understand how our congregations need to change.

Details: Recreating the Church: Leadership for The Post-Modern Age

EH-01 - Reaching People Under 40 While Keeping People Over 60

by Eddie Hammett

This course introduces eight basic principles of being church for all generations. How can a congregation effectively address the spiritual and faith community needs so a win/win situation is experienced for all? It is possible.

Details: Reaching People Under 40 While Keeping People Over 60

GH-01 - Leading Congregations through Crisis

by Greg Hunt

Effective leadership during a church’s unexpected situational crises can make the difference as to whether things get better or worse. This course provides best-practices guidance for leading during, after, and even before crisis strikes.

Details: Leading Congregations through Crisis

JG-02 - The Disciples of Christ - History, Polity and Ethos for Laity

by Dr. Jerry Gladson

Explores the history and polity of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). From its origins in the early 1800s to the present. This is a non-credit video-only lecture course suitable for the laity or small-group studies.

Details: The Disciples of Christ - History, Polity and Ethos for Laity

SL-03 - Relational Stewardship

by Sandy Lindahl

In this lecture, students will consider Christian models and practices for healthy relationships of various kinds, and the positive outcomes for individuals, congregations and communities. Students will consider a broad range of personal relationships ranging from God and self, family and friends to workplace and worship-place connections, and communal relationships that can bring new purpose and energy to congregations.

Details: Relational Stewardship

RL-01 - Advent: Preaching Texts from the Hebrew Bible & Gospels

by Dr. Rick Lowery

An in-depth look at this year's lectionary texts for Advent from the Hebrew Bible. Asks how they relate to the gospel texts from Luke.

Details: Advent - Preaching Texts from the Hebrew Bible & Gospels

RL-02 - Lent: Dying, Rising, and Living Anew

by Dr. Rick Lowery

Explores the Hebrew Bible lections for Lent. Beginning with Ash Wednesday and ending with the Fifth Sunday in Lent.

Details: Lent - Dying, Rising, and Living Anew

LM-01 - The Calling of Congregational Leadership

by Dr. Larry McSwain

This course will focus on the multiple meanings of the vocation of ministry for both clergy and lay leaders. The class will give attention to three aspects of functioning effectively as a congregational leader.

Details: The Calling of Congregational Leadership