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TranformingTheChurch's Online Courses

logo_200h.jpgTo implement our mission of providing training and instruction for church transformation topics, we have developed a set of courses that provide a broad scope of educational services in order to appeal to the widest number of churches and budgets.

Some of our course offerings are fully-interactive with a lot of interaction with the course instructors. Some are self-paced noted by independent study. Others are video-only lecture courses intended for viewing by individuals and small groups.

Shown below are summaries of our current catalog. Details of each type of course offering can be seen by following the links to their public information pages.

Currently Active Courses

The "Currently Active Courses" section details all of the course that are active in the current term and the courses in the upcoming term (registration available now.)

Details: Currently Active Courses

Currently Inactive Courses

The "Currently Inactive Courses" section details all of the course that are NOT active in the current term or are not in the catalog for the upcoming term. All of our course are offered multiple times over a period of years. Most of the currently inactive courses will be offered again in the future. Currently, inactive courses will likely be rescheduled in the future. 

Details: Currently Inactive Courses

Lecture Series

The "Lecture Series" section details all of the video-only lectures that are currently in our catalog. Lectures are non-credit versions of our courses and consist of streaming video delivered on-demand. 

Details: Lecture Series

Study Tracks

Our study tracks are composed of both courses and lectures that are directly related to their subject, Take as a whole, usually sequentially, the units work together to provide an in-depth education on the study track's subject.

Details: Study Tracks