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Advantages of TransformingTheChurch's Online Learning

Our state-of-the-art web-based online education and training system provide many significant advantages over traditional learning techniques and other learning management systems. These advantages include:

  • On-line learning is much more accessible because there is no need to schedule specific times for training and can be accessed anytime from anywhere
  • On-line learning is available 24x7x52 to make it easy to fit into students’ schedules.
  • On-line learning enables students to progress through courses at their own pace.
  • On-line learning does not require students and instructors to travel.
  • On-line learning requires much less disruption to work or life styles since students can train at their convenience instead of the instructors’ and institutions’ convenience.
  • On-line learning is very efficient of instructors’ time that makes is more attractive for more subject-matter experts to become instructors.
  • On-line learning allows more instructor interaction with students; on-demand lectures do the repetitive tasks of lectures and instructors’ time can be focused on student interactions for questions and discussions. Courseware and course content can be easily updated.
  • On-line learning stimulates more active participation by the student.
  • On-line learning reaches much larger audiences including national and international audiences.
  • On-line learning is inherently highly personalized to each learner because learners proceed at their own pace and interact individually with instructors, mentors, consultants and coaches. On-line learning allows on-demand lectures and other material to be view multiple times (all or in part) as needed for full comprehension.
  • On-line learning provides consistent instruction.
  • On-line learning allows quality assurance of instruction to the validated by third-party if needed.
  • On-line learning requires less time than traditional classrooms because self-directed on-demand learning is very efficient and typically reduces instructional time.
  • On-line learning can easily be scaled up to teach groups of any size without loss of effectiveness.
  • On-line learning is inherently self-documenting.