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News Release: The Columbia Partnership Is Coming To TransformingTheChurch.org



The Columbia Partnership (TCP), TransformingTheChurch.org and Christian College have entered into an agreement that brings new distance-learning courses and learning communities to the TransformingTheChurch.org platform and website. This agreement projects the addition of 18 new courses over the next 18 months. TCP’s current “Transformation Learning Community” and its webinar events will move from the www.TheColumbiaPartnership.org website to the TransformingTheChurch.org website immediately.

 The first three courses feature TCP’s George Bullard and production is in progress. Early registration begins in June and classes begin in September. Additional course production with other TCP Ministry Colleagues takes place throughout the 2013-14 academic year.

The titles for the first three courses with George Bullard are:

  • Transforming Congregations with a Spiritual Strategic Journey
  • Every Congregation Needs a Little Conflict
  • Congregational Ministry Choices for the 21st Century

Each course will consist of seven video-on-demand sessions of 45-minutes high-definition professionally-produced videos PLUS seven 60-minute live interactive sessions with Dr. Bullard. Students enrolled in the course will view one video-on-demand session each week and then meet online in a weekly scheduled live session to discuss the week’s assigned video, ask questions and talk about practical applications. In addition, each course will have its own secure online Virtual Classroom for all materials, media, interactions among all participants and advanced features to enhance the learning experiences for all participants.

TCP will also proactively market and promote the courses through its Sharing Knowledge Team emphasis and the fulfillment of its organizational goal related to its Transforming Congregations Team.

Christian College will offer the courses as part of its ministry preparation and continuing professional education curricula, and certificates of completion, continuing education units, or transcripts will be provided upon request. It is the intention of Christian College to help candidates for standing in their denominations enhance their demonstrated competencies in ministry and expand their portfolios for consideration by their judicatories (or equivalent authorizing bodies).

As a part of its mission, Christian College continues to enrich its course content for professional development, and the courses which are produced in this partnership will always meet or exceed the highest standards of both "best practices" for ministry and excellence in teaching. Participants in these courses can be assured that the professors have the credentials which meet or exceed the qualifications of all specialists in contemporary theological education and transformational leadership.

TransformingTheChurch.org will provide the platform and technology, function as the video producer and director of all of the courses, materials and Virtual Classrooms in addition to handling the day-to-day operations of the platform and administration of each class.

From Dr. George W. Bullard, President of TCP:

"The partnership of The Columbia Partnership, TransformingTheChurch.org, and Christian College projects an empowering resource for transforming congregations throughout North America,"

From Dr. Bob Harris, President, Christian College:

“Christian College joins its foundational commitment --vitality in congregations-- to the vision of this collaboration with TransformingTheChurch.org and The Columbia Partnership with a level of confidence, enthusiasm and hope unmatched in its sixty-six year history. It is both a privilege and an inspiration to participate in an endeavor which will transform ministerial leadership for generations. Those who are in preparation for ministry will develop essential competencies through the events, courses, and consultations produced in this joint initiative.  The experience and expertise of those who, while already recognized as experts, are mastering the spiritual gifts and skills of transformative ministry are a resource unmatched in Online Education for clergy today.”