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About Lecture - GB-01 - Transforming Congregations with a Spiritual Strategic Journey

by George Bullard

This course covers elements of an assessment and learning pre-season to prepare congregational leaders for a Spiritual Strategic Journey. This Journey is a process for empowering congregations to reach their full Kingdom potential. The three seasons of the Journey are explained in a way that can—along with the required reading for the course—provide navigation for a congregation to engage in a Spiritual Strategic Journey. The goal is for a congregation to live into their Future Story of ministry as a congregational movement.

The lecture is delivered in seven high-quality video sessions. All video sessions are delivered as streaming video to media players embedded into each lecture’s page in a dedicated Virtual Classroom.

  • Session 1: 42:00 (mm:ss)
  • Session 2: 42:00 (mm:ss)
  • Session 3: 59:00 (mm:ss)
  • Session 4: 40:45 (mm:ss)
  • Session 5: 47:00 (mm:ss)
  • Session 6: 35:29 (mm:ss)
  • Session 7: 32:40 (mm:ss)