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Lecture Syllabus - GB-01 - Transforming Congregations with a Spiritual Strategic Journey

by George Bullard

This course covers elements of an assessment and learning pre-season to prepare congregational leaders for a Spiritual Strategic Journey. This Journey is a process for empowering congregations to reach their full Kingdom potential. The three seasons of the Journey are explained in a way that can—along with the required reading for the course—provide navigation for a congregation to engage in a Spiritual Strategic Journey. The goal is for a congregation to live into their Future Story of ministry as a congregational movement.

This is a series of seven classes intended to prepare pastors, church staff, key leaders, and congregational champions to lead congregations through a process of transformation.

The seven sessions are as follows:

  1. Foundational Questions About Transforming Congregations
  2. Survivability, Vitality, and Vibrancy
  3. Congregational Issues and Life Cycle
  4. Transformational Leadership
  5. Spiritual Strategic Journey’s Spiritual Season
  6. Spiritual Strategic Journey’s Strategic Season
  7. Spiritual Strategic Journey’s Journey Season