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Online Courses and Lectures for Church Groups

Our courses are excellent opportunities for a group of people from within a single church to take our courses as a group so that church transformation becomes a focus of their church. We provide group rates to encourage people to take courses together. When taken at the same time, our courses will focus the group on beginning the transformation process in your church together, all beginning from a common base of understanding. 

We have several specific configurations to support groups using our courses. Click here for details.

We can further enhance the effect of the group by providing Private Meeting Rooms. For a small monthly fee, we will set up a private on-line meeting room for just your church. All of those from your church taking the course together can access the private room where they can securely discuss the issues and challenges faced by your church in the privacy of the meeting room.

Private Meeting Rooms will be available to your members 24x7 and allow groups to work on-line together, each from their homes or offices. Private Meeting Rooms can be used for just the duration of the course or, preferably, used as an on-going virtual meeting place for continuous coaching and follow-up. Private Meeting Rooms can be provided on a month-to-month basis and can be closed at any time.

You can engage with the course's instructor or other consultants or coaches to give you private one-on-one consulting within your Private Meeting Room. Discussions and consulting can be tailored to your specific needs and issues. You pay for only the hours of consulting/coaching you consume and, since your consultant and your group meet virtually within the privacy of your on-line Private Meeting Room, you don't have to pay for travel time or travel expenses. You can engage with your consultant/coach for as little or as often as you need or desire. Consulting in Private Meeting Rooms is a very attractive way for churches to get the outside help that they may need but contain costs, so high-quality consultancy/coaching is affordable for even small congregations.