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Building Broad Support for Transformation In Congregations

A core part of the mission for TransformingTheChurch.org is to build broad support for transformation within congregations. For transformation to work, critical masses of people within congregations must be willing to support the process and be willing to be transformed themselves.

TransformingTheChurch.org's online learning platform and curricula are designed to be easily and affordably accessed so many people in a congregation can become educated about transformation.

Anyone can access our online curricula from anywhere at any time with nothing more than a web browser and a broadband connection. Busy clergy and laity can fully participate in high-quality education even with their busy schedules. Large portions of our courses can be completed after-hours and on weekends if desired. When the class does need to meet, virtual classroom and meeting technologies are employed which means travel to a physical classroom is not required. You can begin your learning and your transformation journey at a time and place of your choosing that is convenient to you and your schedule or lifestyle.

Our curricula are designed for both clergy and laity; learning that is meaningful for everyone and doesn't have to be (and shouldn't be) confined to only senior leadership cadres. By broadening transformation education to a larger base of people in congregations, more people can start from a common understanding, a critical mass can be formed, and the normal institutional inertia for resisting change is easier to overcome.

TransformingTheChurch.org's online courses are affordable when taken individually and even more so when taken in groups. Our course pricing and group discounts make our education affordable to anyone. Travel isn't required. Also, with our e-commerce-enabled registrar and bursar functions, individual participants can pay their own course fees for their participation with their credit cards and without burdening church budgets.