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TransformingTheChurch's Course Production

We produce all of our courses, working very closely with each course's instructor.

When we start production, we assign a Producer/Director to the course's instructor. The instructor controls the content of the course and describes the desired outcomes to the Producer/Director. The Producer/Director translates the instructor's wishes and goals into a production plan.

Once approved by all parties, the Producer/Director executes the production plan using the highest professional standards. The raw material is edited and assembled into a high-quality high-bit-rate master file. The resulting video, audio and graphic materials are the best that can be produced within the available production budget.

The master file is encoded using our Adaptive Streaming technology. The finished files are installed into our Content Delivery Network (CDN). The data storage components of the CDN are massively redundant for the highest reliability and suitability.  When one of our course is requested by a student, its data files are pushed to one of more than 50 data centers located around the world. The specific data center employed will always be the data center closest to the student.