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Christian College ... the Disciples College - Where We Meet and Connect - "The Meeting House"

The Community of Disciples serving together in Georgia needs opportunities to connect with each other -- for encouragement in our faith, for enrichment in our relationships, for effectiveness in our ministry, and for mutual empowerment in advancing the Mission of the Church. This is WHY we built the "Meeting House."

Where do you think of going if your want to sit down with another Christian for prayer or sharing, confession or conversation? A well-designed "Meeting House" can be that place, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. You can have your own key, bring your coffee or your lunch, and find a comfortable "room" where just the "two or three" of you can gather...In His Name.

In the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) we have many groups which come together for the "building up of one another" -- women, men, young adults, youth, those in reconciliation ministry, peace and justice ministry, environmental awareness and theology, Bible Study, etc. What better place than "The Meeting House" to come together in a lounge, a conference room, a game room, or a picnic area to be the Church together.

We have constructed a "Meeting House" which will be in a continuous process of ongoing "design" (not construction) so that you can meet and study and work and pray together throughout the year. Think how much better Youth Activities Commission ((YAC) members can know one another and how much planning and sharing of enthusiasm they can do as they gear-up for "YOUTHAPALOOZA" throughout the year. Now, YAC can have ongoing meetings and sharing as they look toward the highlight of the year -- the Annual Youth Assembly at St. Simons. Meanwhile, YOU have "The Meeting House." The same applies to all the other constituent groups in the Region -- many of which may remain unfamiliar to Disciples until now.

Plus, the events of, say, the annual Disciple Men's Retreat CAN be recorded and then broadcast -- in whole or in part -- over and over for those who cannot attend the events, and this will be set up in a "permanent" room in "The Meeting House."

Let's get down to work !! The Regional Board can convene meetings in "The Meeting House." The Commission on Ministry needs to interview a candidate: do it in "The Meeting House." Outdoor Ministries has a set of projects which need to be completed at Camp Christian Conference Center; let's have Tommy give us a video-tour of the projects, then meet in the "Shop Room" of "The Meeting House" to assemble our list of supplies and materials, have people sign-up for project teams, and be 90% ORGANIZED before we get to Gordon, Georgia. Just some examples!!

And let's say, for a moment, that Disciples might enjoy coming together for a week of Renewal, or Revitalization, or...Revival. What better place, if you can't all drive to Atlanta or Valdosta; the "The Meeting House" can be your destination. Or you have a program you are working on with a team in preparation for the General Assembly; or you want to set up a carpool to an event (Assembly, Christmount); or you need a place for Disciples to discuss an upcoming issue or changes in the constitution or policies and procedures for ministry or the search and call of a Regional Minister.. "The Meeting House" makes this possible.

The "Disciples College Meeting House" is your place. It is more than a Regional Office. It is more than an Assembly Hall. It is more than a hallway with classrooms on either side. It is more than a gathering place for small groups. It is more than a collection of conference rooms. It is more than Worship Center. It is our Meeting House -- a place for Disciples to be together in service to Jesus Christ...a place to go to...a place to depart from....without ever leaving home !!

One more thing, and a very important thing: "The Meeting House" is just as available to your own congregation or ministry as it is to the Region of Georgia or the Ministries of Christian College. It can be used for events and meetings and work and ministry JUST LIKE YOUR OWN CHURCH MEETING HOUSE. It can be just for your congregation; it can be just for your small group within your own church.

"The Meeting House." It's not about how large or small; it's about a place, via the Internet, where you can connect with exactly the the people you want to connect with. It can be as PUBLIC or as PRIVATE as you want it. It can serve you for an hour or for a decade, and for all the variables of time in between. Come, come, come...to "The Meeting House."