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Christian College, the Disciple College - Video Introduction

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About Christian College, the Disciples College

Since 1947, people have come to find that Christian College is a community of Disciples who teach and learn in order to seek and serve. Since our doors first opened, we have welcomed anyone to the opportunities to discover God's will and to develop the skills to do it. Mostly these have been students attending the University of Georgia, the "campus next door" (back when Christian College of Georgia had a campus of its own). These students would come to attend classes, to have a place to live, and to join in the programs and projects that defined an institution committed to "service-learning" (before "service-learning was cool). Courses in the practical ministry have always been offered: Biblical Studies, Theology, and the Practice of Ministry: Preaching, Teaching, Administration, and Pastoral Care. As one of the mainline campus ministry centers at the University of Georgia, Christian College has always enjoyed the opportunity to serve students by helping to keep them connected to the life of the Church. And most importantly, as Disciples of Christ, Christian College has always been ecumenical in its programs and ministries.

Now that our campus is virtually ANYWHERE, Christian College has been reconstructed in order to serve Disciples of Christ more effectively in the twenty-first century. We are devoted to teaching and learning together in order that we may be more effective in seeking God and serving others. The educational opportunities here reflect a Disciples of Christ ethos. We even offer a course of instruction entitled "The History and Polity of the Christian Church" which elaborates on the guiding beliefs or ideals that characterize the Disciples of Christ in the US and Canada.

Professional Development for Ordained and Commissioned Ministers is a primary dimension of the virtual campus. Those who enroll in the courses, seminars, and projects of the Christian College are connected with each other in a common ministry, but their experience of community with each other is enhanced by a common focus.

Preparation for Ministry for those in the Track for Commissioned Ministry or the Alternative-to-Seminary Track for Ordained Ministry is accomplished through the development of specified skills and competencies for Ministry in the Christian Church. Christian College offers personalize guidance in the creation of the "Ministerial Preparation Portfolio" while contributing to the development of competencies through a curriculum which is intentionally aligned with the many resources available throughout the country, particularly those courses available through other Institutions or Regions of the Church.