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Lecture Syllabus - GB-03 - Congregational Choices: Transition and Changes for FaithSoaring

by George Bullard

When congregations engage in transitions and changes that may lead to transformation they need to know more about the choices available to them that will empower them to be FaithSoaring in a manner that they may reach their full Kingdom potential. This course examines 16 choices for congregations to consider for their Journey using the categories of Stay the Course, Modify the Course, Change the Course, and Plot a New Course. They can use these choices to develop scenarios and a Future Story for their congregation.

Stay the Course
(Selected Transitions and Changes)

  • Little or No Transition and Change
  • Incremental Innovations 

Modify the Course
(Continuous Transitions and Changes)

  • Neighborhood or Community Focused Congregation
  • Multiple Communities Congregation
  • Multiple Generations Congregation
  • Multiple Worshiping Communities Congregation 

Change the Course
(Significant Transitions and Changes)

  • Special Focus Congregation 
  • Multiple Congregations Within a Congregation 
  • Multiple Site Congregation 
  • Relocate to a More Promising Location 
  • Metropolitan Regional Congregation 

Plot a New Course
(Radical Transitions and Changes)

  • Merge with Other Congregations 
  • Multicultural Congregation 
  • Congregational Multiplication Movement 
  • Legacy Congregation 
  • Resurrection Congregation