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Lecture Syllabus - GB-02 - Every Congregation Needs a Little Conflict

by George Bullard

It’s no secret that congregations have conflict. Anyone who has served as a church leader knows about the friction that can take place within a congregation. And too much friction can lead to heated levels of infighting and strife. But used properly, can conflict really be a positive thing for your church?

The direct result of George Bullard’s twenty-five years of work in the area of training congregational and denominational leaders in various strategies to address conflict, this book empowers congregations to use conflict to deal with issues in a healthy and productive manner. In Every Congregation Needs a Little Conflict, Bullard guides church leaders in how to use conflict as a positive force for transition and change, and how to handle unhealthy conflict that might arise. 

This is a series of seven classes intended to prepare pastors, church staff, key leaders, and congregational champions to lead congregations through a conflict ministry process.

The seven classes are as follows:

  1. The Necessity of Conflict in Congregations
  2. The Healthy Intensities of Congregational Conflict
  3. The Transitional Intensity of Congregational Conflict
  4. The Unhealthy Intensities of Congregational Conflict
  5. The Processes of Engaging Congregational Conflict
  6. Leaving, Staying, and Becoming Well Following a Lose/Leave Conflict in a Congregation
  7. How to Never Experience Unhealthy Conflict in Your Congregation Again