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About Lecture - BB-02 - Personal Finance: Making More with What You Have

by Bruce Barkhauer

This lecture explores the relationship between Paul’s question to Timothy “How can a person manage God’s Church if he/she cannot manage his/her own household?” and ten economic principles to guide you in building the capacity for generosity. The core activities center around both constructing a household budget and examining our relationship with money. Participants will gain a biblical foundation for why personal finance matters in the life of an individual (or family system) as well as acquiring tools that will lower anxiety and increase the capacity for generosity. The material lends itself well to a small group study and serves as a primer for more in-depth conversations about money and society. The material is presented in three sessions can be presented in a group setting as either a three-part study or be completed in a single session of approximately two and half hours.

For complete information, be sure to see all of the pages listed in this section.

This Is a Self-Paced Distance Learning Course

This course is one of our Self-Paced Distance Learning Courses. This on-line courses consist of three on-demand streaming lectures delivered by Bruce Barkhauer. Each on-demand streaming video session can be taken (or repeated) in a self-paced fashion on a scheduled determined by the student.  All streaming media are available 24x7. The streaming videos are further enhanced by being embedded in fully-interactive Virtual Classroom that can be accessed by all of the participants in the class. The Virtual Classroom features a Class Forum that allows text-based interactions for question-and-answers or discussion among all participants in the class. The Virtual Classroom also contains Class Materials for downloading, Class Notices, Class Calendar and other on-demand information.

Broadband internet access and a web browser are required. If being used in a group setting, a method for viewing video is required, and a data projector and projection screen are recommended.

Group Public-Use License

Usually, our courses are licensed for individual use; for being used by a single student or, occasionally, a husband-and-wife ministry team.

To support the use of this course in group settings such a small-group study, this course also includes a Group Public-Use License, which allows our video to be shown to groups of people in a church setting.

The inclusion of a Group Public-Use License in this course is unique to BB-02 and does not apply to our other courses without the purchase of the license. The Group Public-Use License is included in the BB-02 course at no additional cost through special sponsorship of the Center for Faith and Giving, Christian College and TransformingTheChurch.org.

A Group Public-Use License allows the organization hosting the group to “legally” show the video to the entire group with the blessings of the course’s copyright holder. An example of the use of a Group Public-Use License would be for a group of congregants meeting in a church- or middle-judicatory setting to watch our videos over a series of days or weeks and, while in the group setting, discuss the material among the group while being facilitated by a group leader.

A single Group Public-Use License covers a group meeting in a single defined venue (a church, a ministry group, etc.) and lasts for the duration of the course. Also, the organization hosting the group and using the Group Public-Use License is welcome to assemble a group of any size from several people to hundreds of people.