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Lecture Syllabus - BB-01 - Creating a Culture of Generosity

by Bruce Barkhauer

This course consists of five video lectures:

Session 1 and Session 2

Session 1 = 31:26 (mm:ss)
Session 2 = 53:59 (mm:ss)

The first two elements of the curriculum provide a foundation for seeing stewardship as a whole life response to the generosity of God.

Session 3

Session 3 = 56:02 (mm:ss)

In the third session, students will discover why the conversation about generosity is so vital to the success of our mission; and begin to examine the best practices that encourage the practice of generosity. Do you have a “live the vision” or a “pay the bills” mentality?

Session 4

Session 4 = 48:50 (mm:ss)

The fourth portion of this learning seminar focuses on policy and further defines practical methods that help a congregation achieve its financial goals.

Session 5

Session 5 = 44:09 (mm:ss)

In the final experience, students will learn how to build the capacity for their own generosity and how to teach this to others. The only reason the church has a conversation about money is to resource its mission and ministry.