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BB-01 - Creating a Culture of Generosity

Featuring Bruce Barkhauer


This course delivers in five sessions an exploration of stewardship as a spiritual discipline. It examines the broad biblical understandings and theological underpinnings that proclaim that God is a God of abundance, not a God of scarcity. The first two elements of the curriculum provide a foundation for seeing stewardship as a whole life response to the generosity of God. In the third session, students will discover why the conversation about generosity is so vital to the success of our mission; and begin to examine the best practices that encourage the practice of generosity. Do you have a “live the vision” or a “pay the bills” mentality? The fourth portion of this learning seminar focuses on policy and further defines practical methods that help a congregation achieve its financial goals. In the final experience, students will learn how to build the capacity for their own generosity and how to teach this to others. The only reason the church has a conversation about money is to resource its mission and ministry.

It is suggested that class participants purchase and read Giving to God: The Bible’s Good News About Living a Generous Life by Mark Allen Powell.

Taught by: Bruce Barkhauer


Course Details

Registration is open the on-demand online lecture: “Creating a Culture of Generosity” taught by Rev. Bruce Barkhauer, Minister for Faith and Giving for Christian Church (Disciples of Christ).

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Part of Our Video Lecture Series

This course, "Creating a Culture of Generosity", is one of our video-only courses consisting of five high-quality video lectures from Bruce Barkhauer. All video lectures are delivered as streaming video to media players embedded into each lecture’s page in a dedicated Virtual Classroom.

  • Session 1: 31:26 (mm:ss)
  • Session 2: 53:58 (mm:ss)
  • Session 3: 56:01 (mm:ss)
  • Session 4: 48:50 (mm:ss)
  • Session 5: 44:08 (mm:ss)

We recommend that you also purchase the course’s textbook as part of your study of this subject. You will get the most out of this course by using the videos and the book together. Study both at your own pace.

For the price of registration, you will receive 120 days of unlimited access to this course’s Virtual Classroom and all of its included videos and other class materials. You may come and go into this course’s online Virtual Classroom as often as you wish.

About Bruce Barkhauer

Rev. Bruce A. Barkhauer is an ordained minister in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). For twenty-five years, he has led congregations in Ohio and Indiana in achieving high levels of financial support for local and global missions and he now shares his experi­ence across the life of the whole church. Rev. Barkhauer is a graduate of Ohio University, Christian Theological Seminary, and did Doctor of Ministry studies at Ashland Theological Seminary.