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TransformingTheChurch.org's Mission 

The mission of TransformingTheChurch.org is to improve the efficacy, efficiency, pace and urgency of congregational transformation processes by providing affordable and accessible education, consultancy and coaching from practitioners of congregational transformation who use known best practices.

First, we seek to accomplish our mission by developing and delivering high-quality educational courseware for educating both clergy and laity about congregational transformation. We endeavor to provide education to as broad a base of people within congregations as possible rather than just one or two people. Our desire is to form, quickly and efficiently, a critical mass within a congregation who are willing to embrace genuine transformation as deep change and who understand what is involved with in realizing effective transformation.

Second, we serve as a clearinghouse for consultants and coaches authenticated to use proven best-practices. Only those employing proven best practices in their processes will participate in this website and offer education, consulting and coaching to our visitors.

Third, we serve as an efficient marketplace by attracting both clergy and laity to this website who are seeking help with transformation efforts.

Fourth, to accelerate the pace of transformation in churches and improve efficiency by providing education and assistance, we will use state-of-the-art interactive online learning technologies.  Coupled with web-based virtual meeting and collaboration technologies to deliver more awareness, knowledge and assistance to more congregations than would otherwise be possible when using traditional education and consulting methods. By using interactive online methods, we can have a much more affordable cost over traditional methods by removing travel and physical meeting costs while retaining and even enhancing the interaction among principals and making participation more accessible to congregants with busy lifestyles and full schedules. Our state-of-the-art technology allows us to maintain a fast-paced, dynamic environment. We enhance the ability of our participating practitioners who are effecting a measurable transformation in congregations every day and thus always learning new things, and to keep the content of this website up to date, changing each day.

Taken together, we create a non-threatening environment for clergy and laity to seek affordable but high-value assistance with transformation from known best practitioners in an extremely transparent marketplace where multiple approaches can be compared and selected quickly so the transformation process can begin as soon as possible and produce the most desirable outcomes.