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Transformation Curricula - Online Courses and Lectures

TransformingTheChurch.org helps churches, their clergy, lay leaders and congregations, to understand the process of church and congregational transformation, as well as provide guidance and best practices to navigate the long-term systematic changes needed for genuine transformation.

TransformingTheChurch.org will provide affordable access to education and training to guide you along. We also suggest the use of consulting and coaching to assist. We use on-line education and virtual meeting technologies to make our content and interactions with some of the best practitioners in the greater Church accessible to all facets of the leadership of a Church: clergy and laity alike. Using nothing more than a web browser and broadband Internet connection, we provide a source for fully-interactive education and personal guidance without the need to travel across town or the country.

We can provide information and insight through education about transformation and its processes to any church want to begin the transformation process. Because of our online learning approach, we can make education and training efficiently and effectively available to many people in a single congregation to help provide a common understanding and critical mass to begin transformation.

We can help congregations connect with consultants and coaches who use proven best practices for transformation to provide guidance and assistance not only to begin the transformation process but also to help keep congregations on track over the long term.

Importantly, we can also create connected communities of churches going through the transformation process. Connecting churches together that are going through transformation provides a mutually-supportive environment. There is a lot of synergy in the exchange of dialog, stories, histories and ideas from other churches also in transformation. It helps to know you are not alone; that there are other congregations also on the journey.

We can provide the tools for transformation; exposing otherwise hidden knowledge in an open, transparent and non-threatening environment that is available to all.