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Learning for Clergy and Laity - Self-Paced Learning

In addition to fully-interactive learning, we also produce and provide self-paced learning to expand our learning opportunities.

Self-paced learning is delivered on-demand anytime you want it. Want to listen to a lecture at 9:00 in the evening? No problem. Want to re-listen to a lecture you listened to last week? Just do it. Self-paced learning fits into your busy schedule when to have time, regardless of how crazy your calendar might be!

Fully-interactive learning, by its nature, must be synchronous; students and instructors must be in the online class at the same time. Also, fully-interactive learning tends to be offered in a traditional institutional term (Fall, Winter and Summer terms.) As a result, fully-interactive learning requires a scheduling component; we must provide a course at a particular time, and students must be available to take the course when we offer it.

On the other hand, self-paced learning, by its nature, is entirely asynchronous, students and instructors do not need to meet together in a Virtual Classroom. Students can do their work at any time. As a result, we can offer self-paced learning continuously throughout the year, outside of the traditional institutional term periods. Students can take the course at any time and, therefore, has extreme scheduling flexibility.

Self-paced learning always contains assessment components. Students have assignments (watch videos, read textbooks and other outside reading) and typically must respond to pre-programmed questions and write papers. Response to questions and submitted papers are assessed and graded by our assessment staff. Critiques of student-submitted work are returned to students to close the loop for improved learning.

Since self-passed learning features student assessment, credit can be provided.