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TransformingTheChurch's Online Events

Several times a year, we produce online events for our users and public visitors. Our events can be on any subject or topic that we believe will be of interest to our participant. Some are educational; some are just for fun. Some of these events are free, and others are fee-based. They can be produced as live events, delivered in real-time. Or, events can be pre-produced and delivered as on-demand media.

Examples of previous events are shown below

Illudium Film Festival

TTC's First Film Festival March 2015

This event was a unique event that served several strategic purposes. The event was staged as an on-demand "festival format" on the weekend of March 6-8, 2015. It was a free event carried in the public portion of our website and heavily promoted. As a result, we had more than 750 attendees during the festival weekend. During this period, visitors were able to view our featured films and vote for their favorites for the festival's awards that were awarded Sunday evening. After the festival weekend, the featured content remained available, without voting, as on-demand media. The first purpose of the festival was just to have some fun and entertain our visitors. The second purpose was strategic by providing a large pool of users to be our final test of our new media platform. We had spent the previous winter implementing a totally-new video encoding subsystems for the HLS format, implementing a new cloud-based media storage system for video masters and distribution files and building out a new very large globally distributed content delivery network (CDN). The festival, driven by our promotional efforts, brought a large pool of users to bear on exercising the new media platform as a stress time of all components and subsystems. The third strategic purpose was, during the festival, to collect a large data set of performance information to helped us fine-tune the operations nd performance of the new media platform. The festival was a profound success; the media platform performed flawlessly and was enjoyed by our users. 

"George Bullard Talks Transforming Congregations"

This event was first carried as a free reservation-based real-time synchronous event on July 24, 2013. The event last just over an hour. Attendees registered to receive a guaranteed "seat" in the event and we, in turn, ensured that we provisioned enough real-time resources to serve all of our reservations. Extra resources were put into place to accommodate any last-minute "walk-ins" on a first-come-first-served basis. The event was initially carried as a live web broadcast event to introduce three new courses for congregational transformation with George Bullard. The recorded replay of the live event was then carried as an on-demand event in our Connected Community and is still available to our members.