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Resource for Congregational Transformation Launched



TransformingTheChurch.org, a new online resource for churches and congregations in transformation has been launched to provide access to high-quality online learning, courseware, consultation and coaching processes.

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Full News Release:

Contact: Bill Anderton

Resource for Congregational Transformation Launched

July 1, 2011 – Dallas, Texas – A new online resource for churches and congregations in transformation has been launched to provide access to high-quality online learning, courseware, consultation and coaching processes.

With 80% of almost 400,000 congregations in all denominations in North America in the last half of their lifecycle and 60% in the last quadrant, there are many congregations which are in need of systemic transformation. Some of these congregations have already successfully transformed; but others still need assistance. Many congregations needing transformation have a sense of work to do, but don't know how to go about it.

Herein, is the mission of TransformingTheChurch.org.

TransformingTheChurch.org will provide the tools for transformation; exposing otherwise hidden knowledge in an open, transparent and non-threatening environment that is available to all:

  • TransformingTheChurch.org will provide information and insight through education about transformation and its processes to any church which wants to begin the transformation process using state-of-the-art online learning approaches making make education and congregational consultation effective and available to many people in a single congregation to help provide a common understanding and critical mass of people with a passion for change in order to begin a meaningful transformational process.
  • TransformingTheChurch.org will help congregations connect with consultants and coaches who use proven "best practices" for transformation in order to provide guidance and assistance not only with reference to how to begin the transformation process, but to also intervene with proven strategies which keep congregations on track over the long term.
  • TransformingTheChurch.org will create "connected communities" of churches going through the transformation process so that they can assist each other. Connecting churches together that are going through transformation provides a mutually-supportive environment. There is much synergy in the exchange of dialog, stories, histories and ideas from other leaders. It helps that these churches know that they are not alone; that there are other congregations also on the journey and that "best practices" congregational consultation guidance is available to them.

The first course of a series that will be available in 2011 is now available and can be purchased online at http://www.transformingthechurch.org. All that is needed to sign up and use the course and its resources is a web browser and a broadband Internet connection.

"Recreating The Church: Leadership For The Post-Modern Age" by Dr. Richard L. (Dick) Hamm, D.Min., is now available and is based on Dr. Hamm's book of the same title, TCP Leadership Series, Chalice Press, 2007 which is used as the class textbook for the course. This is a fully-interactive media-rich online learning course composed of five high-quality video-on-demand sessions and five one-hour fully-interactive sessions with Dr. Hamm. In addition, participants are provided with an interactive online learning community to discuss classes and application topics with other students under the supervision of Dr. Hamm. As a bonus, the course includes a sixth video-on-demand session that is a music concert by singer/songwriter John Tracy singing songs about change and personal transformation.

Each class will be conducted in weekly sessions over a period of six weeks with a new class beginning every month.

The first class of this course will begin August 1, 2011. The cost of the course is $129.99 per participant and group rates for congregations taking the class together are available!

Also, for congregations taking the class as groups, optional Private Meeting Rooms are available in a special secure portion on the website and arrangements can be made for have Dr. Hamm to join into virtual sessions conducted in the Private Meeting Room for customized one-on-one consulting and coaching with congregation transformation teams.

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