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New Online Learning Course: "Lent: Dying, Rising, and Living Anew"



This course explores the Hebrew Bible lections for Lent in the Revised Common Lectionary, Year C, beginning with the alternate suggested reading for Ash Wednesday (Isaiah 58) and ending with the Fifth Sunday in Lent.

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Getting ready for Lent involves some thinking, praying and setting the stage for the changes that we hope to introduce into our lives in the weeks ahead. Even though we may think we may be hidden away until we are ready, we find in the Hebrew Scriptures of the First Testament that God is not waiting around for the seasons to change.

God is relentless: From the first day of Lent, the Ash Wednesday, the Scriptures we hear (and read and study) make God’s call to us clear: “Return to me with your whole heart.” The first month of Winter in the Northern Hemisphere may seem too soon to begin thinking about Spring, and the lengthening of days which we know as the “Lenten Season.” But it isn’t…especially not for the busy pastor who will be faced soon enough with “Ash Wednesday."

Join us in this weekly journey of lectures by Dr. Rick Lowery, followed by studio dialogue (also in video) between Rick and his pastor, The Reverend Linda McCrae, as we prepare ourselves for the experience of study and preparation like the early church prepared converts before baptism on Easter Eve. What better way to discover meaning for TODAY than to join with colleagues in this video course and in live conference calls in advance of each Sunday’s Text:

  • Deuteronomy 26:1-1;
  • Genesis 15:1-12, 17-18;
  • Isaiah 55:1-9;
  • Joshua 5:9-12;
  • Isaiah 43:16-21.

The course actually begins with Isaiah 58, the week before Ash Wednesday. This course is not only helpful for the Preacher-in-preparation (a professional continuing education course) but is also suitable for the minister-in-preparation who is seeking to complete a portfolio of ministerial outcomes for the role of Commissioned or Ordained Minister in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ).

While the class will be ecumenical, and the teaching will be in a studio, the experience of learning, discovery, and sharing with colleagues will be refreshing and new – a new way to study and an exciting way to prepare your way for ministry in early 2013. Our instructor, Dr. Rick Lowery emphasizes that “Lent is a time of reflection, repentance, and release of those things in life that hinder our full commitment to the way of compassion and mercy taught and modeled by Jesus.”

The course will consist of six weekly video-on-demand sessions, each featuring Dr. Lowery's lecture and a discussion of the text between Dr. Lowery and Rev. McCrae. Also included in the course will be six weekly live conference calls with Dr. Lowery for interactive discussions and Q&A.

The six live session will be:

  • January 31 at 11 A.M. CST - Covering VOD Session #1 for Ash Wednesday.
  • February 7 at 11 A.M. CST - Covering VOD Session #2 for the first Sunday in Lent.
  • February 14 at 11 A.M. CST – Covering VOD Session #3 for the second Sunday in Lent.
  • February 21 at 11 A.M. CST - Covering VOD Session #4 for the third Sunday in Lent.
  • February 28 at 11 A.M. CST - Covering VOD Session #5 for the fourth Sunday in Lent.
  • March 7 at 11 A.M. CST - Covering VOD Session #6 for the fifth Sunday in Lent.

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