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Needing and Getting Help For Congregational Transformation Efforts

The process of transformation can be intimidating in the best of circumstances; it can seem impossible without the proper assistance.

Proper assistance begins with education. Anyone leading transformation efforts in their congregation needs to seek to learn as much as possible. Education is not just for the clergy of congregations starting transformation but should also include as many lay leaders as possible: the board of directors, elders, deacons, ministry volunteers; anyone in a leadership position. The broader the base of people participating in education, the more common the understanding of transformation and its processes will be, and the more people will be on the same page. The broad base of education can extend to non-leadership members of the congregation as well.

The TransformingTheChurch.org on-line education system is designed to help build this broad base of education and training within a congregation by making online learning easy and affordable. Our combination of video-on-demand sessions and the interactive participation of students and instructors can be used from anywhere including participation in Private Meeting Rooms. The individual members of you group can easily participate with minimal disruption of their daily schedules. All that is needed is a web browser and a broadband Internet connection.

"Proper help" can also include private and customized one-on-one consulting and coaching to guide your congregation and its leadership through the process of transformation.

TransformingTheChurch.org is not a consulting organization, but almost all of our course authors are working consultants. We can connect you with consultants and coaches who use known best practices and have outstanding reputations in their field. These consultants and coaches have lots of experience with all types of congregations and situations and can save congregations considerable amounts of frustration.

Maintaining an on-going involvement with a coach through the process will help smooth the rough spots and keep you on track, particularly in the early months and years as transformation takes root.

You can tailor the level of involvement of consultants and coaches to fit your situation and available budget.