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Registrar's Dynamic Catalog

Shown below are all of the courses, communities and events that we offer. Please browse the catalog to find and subscribe to any of our offerings.

To to further support our fully-interactive distance-learning curricula, we also have a robust set of supporting lectures.

In all cases, our lecture are presented pre-recorded media-on-demand. You can use the media whenever you wish. Most of our media in the Lecture Series are high-definition video, but some audio-graphic and audio lectures are included too.

Some of our lectures are also being concurrently offered as fully-interactive distance learning with personal interaction with our instructors, graded assignments and credit an certification for the purposes of those seeking standing or professional continuing education. Our for-credit fully-interactive distance-learning courses are typically more costly to take. Others in our Lectures Series have been previously taught as fully-interactive distance-learning courses but are currently inactive. The majority will be offered again at a future date. Some of our Lecture Series are lectures produces solely for this Lecture Series.