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Expected Outcomes for
BS-01 - Stewardship and Culture

Having explored the meaning of “culture” and applied it to their ministry situation, church leaders who engage in the “Stewardship and Culture” course will have critiqued the positive and negative aspects of the specific cultures inside their church setting as well as in its wider community and society. They will assess these in the light of Christian Scripture and their own experiences, particularly related to current cultural emphases on achievement, productivity and individualism; the technology explosion; 24/7 market-of-one advertising; and saturating consumerism. On that basis, participants will begin putting together an intentional Three-Year Generosity Plan for their congregation or place of ministry, having learned the essential elements of such a plan, the importance of generational language and media, and leadership behaviors that engender trust and impact generous giving. The course will encourage them to find others to join them in filling out their Generosity Plan and implementing it in their field of ministry.