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Public Peek Into the Virtual Classroom for
RL-02 - "Lent" Dying, Rising and Living Anew"

This page will provide you with a limited look into the Virtual Classroom for "Lent: Dying, Rising, and Living Anew" by Dr. Rick Lowery, PhD.

The "public peek" shows limited samples of some of the interactive features of the Virtual Classroom and its learning community. Although a limited subset of the available features and only a few of the available postings, all of the samples shown here are live direct from the real Virtual Classroom.

In addition to the samples shown below, the Virtual Classroom also includes:

  • List of Virtual Classroom Features and Functions
  • Course Syllabus
  • Class Roster
  • Live Audio Conference Calls (and their recordings)
  • E-Newsletters
  • Course Materials
  • About This Class
  • How To Take This Course
  • Broadband Speed Test
  • Facebook Postings
  • Twitter Postings
  • Private conversation among students and faculty/staff
  • End-of-Class Survey

The purpose of this public peek is to give you a brief sample and insight into the user experience of this course.

Video-On-Demand Sample

Click Here for a Free Video Sample

The course will consist of six weekly video-on-demand sessions, each featuring Dr. Lowery's lecture and a discussion of the text between Dr. Lowery and Rev. McCrae. The video-on-demand is delivered with Adaptive Streaming support from 386-kbps to 3,800-kpbs in nine steps. Adaptive Streaming sends the highest quality file that each user's broadband connection will allow.

Also included in the course will be six weekly live conference calls with Dr. Lowery for interactive discussions and Q&A.

The video you see when you click the button above is a short sample of the video used for this course.

Recent Activity in the Class Forum

The full Virtual Classroom for this course has an unlimited interactive Class Forum where students, instructors and mentors can exchange ideas and comments. Shown below are four forum threads with the most-recent activity.

Subject Author Date & Time Comments

Is there a course book? Elaine Schoepf 1/20/2016 8:06 PM 0

New web design implemented successfully! Bill Anderton 3/15/2013 4:09 PM 0

A Note About Background Noise On the Conference Calls Bill Anderton 2/28/2013 1:25 PM 0

Idolatry of Self Norman Stolpe 2/25/2013 6:05 PM 0

Class Notices

The full Virtual Classroom for this course has an unlimited number of Class Notices. Shown below are three most recent notices.

To read the full Class Notice, please click on each headline shown below.


Recording of Second Live Conerence Call Posted

The recording of the second live conference call of 02/07/2013 has been posted.


Server Upgrade Completed

We now support Apple and Android mobile devices! We have completed our upgrade to Adobe Media Server v5 Extended.


Recording of First Live Conference Call Posted

The recording of the first live conference call of 01/31/2013 has been posted.

Class Feature Stories

The full Virtual Classroom for this course has an unlimited number of Class Feature Stories. Shown below are three most recent stories.

To read the full Class Feature Story, please click on each headline shown below.


Videos Use Adaptive Streaming

All of our video-on-demand feature Adaptive Stream techniques. This technology allows our Media Servers to automatically and dynamically adjust the bit-rate of each of our videos to best fit the capacity of your broadband connection and adapt to any network congestion you might experience with your connection.

Click here for details and to comment on this story.


Adaptive Streaming Implemented

All of the videos in this couse use out new Adaptive Stream technology. If you have sufficient of bandwidth, you will automatically see the 1080-HD version. If you have less connectivity, the server will automatically throttle down to be best quality that your connection will support. The adaption process is dynamic so it will even adjust (throttling up and down as needed) to make sure you have the best possible viewing experience. In this course, we are currently supporting 8,884-kbps (1,920x1,080) on the high end and 328kbps (416x234) on the low end.

Click here for details and to comment on this story.


Introduction To the Connected Community

The Connected Community is devoted to member and student socialization, free workshops and news. It is the student activity center, student union and community center of all of our participants; serving students, faculty, staff, alumni, guests AND people just here to look around. We offer a variety of programs, activities, services and free educational workshops.

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Class Calendar

The full Virtual Classroom for this course has an unlimited Class Calendar. Shown below are three most recent entries.

To read the full Calendar entry, please click on each entry shown below.

There are no upcoming calendar events.

For Additional Information

Click here to order the course online for sermon prep for $79.99 per student.
Click here for course details.
Click here for the flyer PDF file.
Click here for the brochure PDF file.
Click here to read the course syllabus.
Click here to read press release #1.
Click here to read about Rick Lowery.
Click here to read about Linda McCrae.
Click here to read the anticipated course outcomes.