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Second Online Film Festival - July 18-24

In cooperation with the Illudium Film Society, we will be presenting our second online film festival July 18 - 24, 2016. The online festival will begin at 2pm CDT on Monday, July 18 and run through midnight, Sunday, July 24.

Officially, our Second IFS Online Film Festival ended at midnight Sunday night, July 24th. All of the watch parties that we were told about in advance have ended.

However, the festival pages will remain active for anyone who wishes to use the material.

See the full documentary by clicking on its button in the sidebar on the right or by clicking here.

Final Results

We now have final usage reports from the entire run of the festival. In total, we served 10,713 views of MoonScape. This number only includes the number of times our media platform served the movie and doesn't count the number of people attending the festival via viewing parties. Viewing party attendance was not requested and would not typically be reported to us.

This attendance number is a significant increase of 54% over last year's First IFS Online Film Festival that had 6,656 attendees. This year's attendance figures make this year's festival the best-attended single online event in our history. Another highlight includes the fact that almost 10% of our viewers watched the documentary using our new Chromecast feature that was debuted for the festival. We assume the Chromecast feature was used in watch parties to facilitate group viewing.

Thank you for your patronage. Also, thank you to the MoonScape team for this excellent documentary.

This Time On Apollo 11 from 47 Years Ago

From: Apollo 11's Eagle Log

10:56 p.m. EDT, July 20, 1969 - Armstrong puts his left foot to the Moon. It is the first time in history that man has ever stepped on anything that has not existed on or originated from the Earth.

"That's one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind," Armstrong radios. Aldrin is taking photographs from inside the spacecraft.

Documentary: MoonScape

We will be presenting the documentary, "MoonScape" about the Apollo 11 moon landing and moon walk that occurred on July 20, 1969.

MoonScape was produced by a team led by Paolo Attivissimo, a British-Swiss-Italian science journalist, and longtime space enthusiast.

Our online film festival is timed to occur during the 47th anniversary of the July 20, 1969, moon landing.

We will present the documentary via our in-house online high-quality streaming media services, the same platform we use to deliver our courses to our students. All you need to participate is a broadband connection and a web browser. Our online film festival is FREE and open to anyone as a public service.

MoonScape is an open-source documentary produced and funded by space enthusiasts, featuring restored and remastered footage and photographs presented in chronological order beginning with the moon landing and running through the entire extra-vehicular activity (EVA). The material is presented in its entirety and is unedited. The runtime of the documentary is three hours and twenty-seven minutes (207 minutes.)

All of the source material has been scanned, digitized and restored from the best available sources. The live TV broadcast, the 16mm color film footage shot on the Moon and in Mission Control, and the Hasselblad 70mm color photographs taken by astronauts Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong, have been fully synchronized with the audio recordings (including the onboard and Mission Control recordings) and are presented in real-time, as they happened, with full subtitles in English.

Promotional Video

Concept of Documentary

From the MoonScape team:

MoonScape allows you to experience the landing and the moonwalk through the eyes of the astronauts. Photographs that were taken in sequence are assembled into panoramic views; the TV and color film footage is shown in sync with the radio communications and with the photos, allowing you to see rare and unusual details of the historic event from multiple viewpoints and with unprecedented clarity by using the best available scans and transfers of the original material.

Most documentaries during the past forty years have used footage whose quality was degraded by multiple analog transfers: MoonScape instead gets as close as possible to the sharpness and richness of the original images.

With the help of donations from space enthusiasts all over the world, the MoonScape team purchased the amazing restored and retransferred 16mm footage of the moonwalk from Footagevault.com, the same source used by documentaries such as "In The Shadow of the Moon." The photographs have been sourced from NASA's GAPE (Gateway to Astronaut Photography of Earth) with a resolution of 4400 x 4600 pixels. The complete restored TV broadcast is also included, courtesy of Bill Wood, Lowry Digital and Ed Von Renouard. All the astronauts' communications are subtitled for clarity as a complement to the Air to Ground audio kindly provided by Colin MacKellar of Honeysuckle Creek. Stephen Slater's amazing audio sync work provides the Mission Control coverage.

Differently from many other documentaries, MoonScape doesn't “cheat” by using footage taken out of context or from other Apollo flights for dramatic purposes. Every picture and every sound are original and true to the actual sequence of events, as documented by NASA's Apollo Lunar Surface Journal (courtesy of Eric Jones). The only special effects allowed are image cropping and stabilization, where needed, color correction and digital image stitching to generate high-definition panoramic views from the photographs.

Demonstrations of the Restorations In Documentary

Additional Feature Stories

In addition to the documentary, we will also be adding several short videos to the festival as bonus materials. These videos have been provided by NASA and will help put the Apollo project, particularly Apollo 11, in context. All are high in both information and education values; they are also very interesting, particularly if you are a space geek (like most of us.)

Perfect For a Watch Party

On July 20, 1969, groups of people gathered together to watch the Apollo 11 moon walk live from the moon; in homes, churches and public venues. Our film festival provides an opportunity to put a watch party together to watch the moon walk again or perhaps for the first time. Use the MoonScape documentary to introduce the Apollo 11 adventure and its history with young people who weren't born in 1969 and know little about Apollo except a few brief clips they have seen. We have heard of churches putting together watch parties for their youth groups, some on the July 20th anniversary. Connect a computer to a video projector or large-screen TV (via our Chromecast support or simply with an HDMI cable) and have a watch party in your home or church.

Also, See Our First Online Film Festival

This is our second online film festival. On March 6-8, 2015, we presented out first online film festival.
It's archived and can be viewed in its entirety by clicking here.

Just Have Fun

Like our previous festival, we are presenting this film festival just for the fun of it; for ourselves in hosting it and for our students, faculty and the general public. We simply want you to enjoy the film that is being presented.

We do our own professional media production for this website, and that means that we are filmmakers too. We love film as an art form and appreciate the creative work of others. We are delighted to present this film and will enjoy seeing it as much as anyone.

See Our New Media Player

We will be using the film festival to debut our new media player. Media players are the software code that is embedded in our web pages that control and display our videos. It is a critical piece of technology in our efforts to make our media universally accessible across a wide range of devices (desktops, notebooks, tablets, smartphones and smart TVs) and across a wide range of connections (from 3G phones to gigabit fiber-to-the-home connections.)

We use the licensed version of the JWPlayer Ad Player for our media player. We have used some version of the JWPlayer since we launched this website. We currently have been using Version 6 very successfully for the last 18 months. We have been testing in our labs the new Version 7 since its release. We have waited until our Winter/Spring term was over before installing the new player so as not to potentially be disruptive to students who are in courses. For the film festival, we have installed the production Version 7.4.4 and will be using it for all media shown in the film festival.

JWPlayer Version 7.x.x is a major upgrade from Version 6 and represents a total re-write of its software code. It builds upon the rich feature set and reliability of its predecessor but provides additional speed (it loads 35% faster), even more stability, a cleaner architecture, additional device compatibility, additional format support (including MPEG-DASH and improved HTML5 experiences) and important new features (including CSS skinning.) The code re-write focused on fluidity and speed and resulted in a code base that's two-thirds the size it used to be.

We will collect data from the players' usage of Version 7 during the festival and analyze the results. We are expecting 3,000 to 5,000 visitors to view the long-form documentary (3 hours and 27 minutes runtime) during the festival. The resulting usage data this will give us a substantial experience base to consider before we fully deploy the new player. We will use the results of the festival to tweak our implementation before our full rollout of the new player. In August, before the Fall/Winter Term begins, we will upgrade all players used throughout the site to use Version 7.

Our Work To Enhance the Presentation Quality of the Film

The MoonScape team has gone to great pains to use the best source material that is available for this documentary. It is only fair that we present the resulting film using the highest-quality stream techniques in order to keep faith with the MoonScape team. In keeping with our mission as the host of this festival, we will be presenting these film in exceptionally high quality using our state-of-the-art streaming media platform.

Using master files, we then used our encoding farm to make Adaptive Streaming distribution sets for each film in eleven different bit rates and spatial sizes. We will be presenting the film from these new high-quality sources.

How To Attend

Attending the film festival is easy. This web page is the "home" for this online event. Prior to the beginning of the film festival, this page and its section of our public website will contain pre-event information. As we get closer to the starting date of the festival, we will be adding pages of background information. To see all of the pages in this section, see the buttons in the sidebar on the right-hand side of this page. Ultimately, these pages will be stocked with complete background information as well a "The Making Of" feature for the film.

Since we will be adding pages and additional information, please return to the website often.

When the film festival opens at  2 p.m. Central Time on Monday, July 18, 2016, the sidebar will be updated to include buttons that will link to the film and its features that will be offered during the festival.

If you are a registered member of our Connected Community (see below), we will be sending you an e-mail notice when the festival opens, and the films are available for viewing.

Simply return to this page (bookmark it for your convenience) and use it as your "jumping-off spot" for viewing the film, its features and informational pages.

If you are not yet a member of our FREE Connected Community, you are invited to register. In addition to all of the free content included in the community, you will also receive timely information via e-mail about the film festival and reminder notices when the festival opens.

Click here to register in our Connected Community; it's FREE!

Please Join Us at the Movies!

Please join us the week of the film festival. Also, please invite your friends as well. The more people you invite, the better! Admission to the film festival is FREE and open to all.

Also, watch the film as many times as you wish.

You and your friends can use any device you wish to view the films and any reasonably fast broadband connection. We do recommend that you use the fastest possible broadband network that is available to you. Faster networks will allow us to serve a higher quality version of each film to your device.

To view the film at the highest possible quality that we offer (1080p, which is 1920 x 1080 x 30 frames per second) your broadband connection should be able to sustain video payload of about 8,692-kilobits per second. However, through our Adaptive Streaming platform, we are also presenting each film in ten lesser speeds. Our media platform will automatically throttle up or down to serve the highest quality video stream that your broadband connection will allow, including brown-outs and period of congestion.

The slowest speed presented will be as low as 264-kilobits per second, typical of a slow third-generation wireless network. Whatever connection speed you have, our platform will automatically adjust to accommodate you.

The run length of the film is three hours and twenty-seven minutes. We also have plenty of background material to read and bonus features.