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For Church Leaders, There is Always Something To Learn

We offer on-line training for topics for the greater Church. All of our curricula are designed to be delivered via distance-learning technologies in a virtual classroom. Anyone with a web browser and a broadband connection will be able to take full advantage of our curricula from any location.

Our curricula are intended for both clergy and laity: basically, for anyone interested in the best practices details on our courses. Over time, we will offer additional courses from acknowledged best subject matter experts in various fields.

Initially, our curricula will focus on the following areas of interest.

Transformation Curricula

The exemplar of our approach to distance learning can be seen in our first course by Dr. Richard L. (Dick) Hamm titled, "Recreating The Church: Leadership For The Post-Modern Age", based on the TCP Leadership Series book of the same title (St. Louis: Chalice Press, 2007).

This excellent first course will not only provide a start to the transformation process, this first course will provide a fully-working real-world example of how our on-line learning system functions and serve as a guide for others joining into our curricula-development efforts.

 Preparation for Ministry Curricula

Starting in the fall of 2012, we added courses for the preparation for ministry for those in Commissioned Ministry or the Alternative-to-Seminary Track for Ordained Ministry. These courses will focus on the development of specified skills and competencies for Ministry.

Stewardship Curricula

Starting in the fall of 2013, we added courses on stewardship. These courses will target church leadership, both clergy and laity, as well as ordinary congregants of churches.

Group Courses

The combination of our courses and distance learning concepts/platform provide excellent opportunities for providing small group studies in churches. People from within a single church to take our courses as a group. We provide group rates to encourage people to take courses together.

In addition to traditional small group study courses, our transformation courses taken by a group within a single church, all at the same time, will focus the group on beginning the transformation process in the church; all beginning from a common base of understanding.

Consulting and Coaching

Our highly-interactive platform can provide the infrastructure for on-going consulting and coaching delivered remotely. The same features and functions that delivery real-time live class sessions with instructors can be used to provide the same type of sessions with consultants and coaches. Consulting and coaching professionals can meet with a whole group people from an individual church in an on-line, real-time and highly-interactive basis.

Consulting and coaching, combine with in-depth on-line eduction, work synergistically for the best possible outcome.