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Online Course: "Theological Principles of Stewardship"

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This Course Is Taught by Scott Jacob

The Theological Principles of Stewardship course includes four video lessons that students can view at their convenience, and three live conference calls on November 1, 15, and 22 at 6:00 p.m. Central time.

This course will focus on developing or defining the student’s understanding of the theological principles of their stewardship practices.  In the stewardship ministries or programs of our congregations, we use various biblical passages and references that speak to our need to be good, intentional stewards. Some of those biblical references are universal, others may be more unique to specific denominations, regions of the country, or particular congregational histories.

In our personal congregations and in many denominations we are noticing a variety of “shifts” in the way in which we experience church and life today. Some see a variety of trends that have changed in the way that people participate in the life of our churches.  We will wrestle with some of those “shifts” in light of the basic principles and tenets that guide and direct our stewardship ministries.  We will seek to wrestle with how our cultural experiences, and the shifts that have taken place over time, influence our stewardship practices.  And we will seek to name the theological principles that undergird our work as steward leaders in our congregations.

As we walk through this journey together, we will learn from one another, challenge one another and provoke one another to become clearer about the theological principles that influence our stewardship practices. We seek to grow personally and corporately, in our language and our leadership, so that they are consistent with the theological principles that undergird our discipleship and faith practices.

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