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TransformingTheChurch's Adaptive Streaming Example

In this sample, the size and the speed of the stream that will be served to you will automatically adapt to the the amount of bandwidth throughput available in your broadband connection. You, the user, do not have to select anything or do anything other than click the "play" button; everything happens behind the scenes automatically and transparently.

In the technique we are using in this sample, all streams, regardless of their native spatial size, will expand or shrink to fill the player window embedded in our web pages. In other words, as the the stream is switched, the video will not appear to change in any way except its quality. If the changes are within a reasonable band, the change in quality will be equally subtle. This means that the end users might not even notice that the adaptive streaming technology is throttling their media during a viewing session unless there are big swings in the users' bandwidth.

The server will select the best of the following files to match the available bandwidth:

  • 8,884-kbps - spatial size 1,920 x 1,080 (29.97 fps)
  • 6.884-kbps - spatial size 1,280 x 720 (29.97 fps)
  • 5,384-kbps - spatial size 1,280 x 720 (29.97 fps)
  • 3,756-kbps - spatial size 960 x 540 (29.97 fps)
  • 2,256-kbps - spatial size 896 x 504 (29.97 fps)
  • 1,756-kbps - spatial size 768 x 432 (29.97 fps)
  • 1,392-kbps - spatial size 640 x 360 (29.97 fps)
  • 1,192-kbps - spatial size 640 x 360 (29.97 fps)
  •    792-kbps - spatial size 640 x 360 (29.97 fps)
  •    528-kbps - spatial size 480 x 270 (15 fps)
  •    328-kbps - spatial size 416 x 234 (12 fps)