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e-Newsletter - Volume 3, Number 22
Online Ministries Community Newsletter: Welcome!
by Bill Anderton

Welcome to our new Special-Interest Community dedicated to building and operating online ministries!

We are only in our fifth day of operation but have registered over 50 new members as we get  the word out about the community. We're off to a great start!

We will be adding new content into the community every day so revisit the community often while we build up our content. I have made blog postings every day and will be adding a new book-review section later today.

Also, this community has started off with even new members posting great comments into the forums and the blog. Way to go community! Commenting in the forums and to be blog posting builds our community relationships.

Please join in and add your two-cents worth in the comments and threads!

Click here (log-in required) to re-enter the Online Ministries Community as often as you wish. 

Finding Your Content

TransformingTheChurch.org is a very large multi-faceted website but there are multiple ways you can find and navigate to the premium content to which you subscribed. We have created simple ways for you to find all of the content and section of the site where you have access to enter. Click here to find out the multiple ways to find your way back to the community and other premium content.

The recommended way to find your content is to use the "My Courses and Communities" feature. Click here (log-in required) to view a dynamic list for all on the courses, events and communities you have privileges to access. This page will be customized just for you each time you click on the page.

The button that links to this page appears in the sidebar on the right side of most pages in the Connected Community.

Help Us Add New Members

Please help us spread the word about our community by inviting your colleagues to join the community too. We are trying to end our first full week of operations of this new community with 100 new members and your assistance will be a great help to reaching this target. Please help us pass the word by inviting your colleagues to join us and pass along the following links:

Click here for your colleagues register into the community.

Click here for the news release about the community.

Please tell your colleagues about this new course!
New Special-Interest Community:
"Building Effective Online Ministries"

Christian College and TransformingTheChurch.org have endeavored to make this community as RELEVANT and as ACCESSIBLE to as many pastors and church leaders as possible. We have made access to this community FREE in order to ensure that even those on a “lean” professional development or educational budget can participate. Also, since access is FREE, any and all interested volunteers from churches are welcome to join.

This is not only fresh, new content on an important subject, but affords direct interaction with subject-matter experts and mentors. We believe that the VALUE is unsurpassed, and we offer this community to the Church and Her Servants with hopes that you can participate.
Access is FREE!
There is no cost to participate in this community.

To Register:
Click here to register.

For More Information:
Click here for the news release.