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e-Newsletter - Volume 3, Number 10
First Live Conference Call Is Tomorrow! 
by Bill Anderton

This weekly live sessions with Dr. Lowery start tomorrow.

Be sure to view video-on-demand Session 1 and come to class prepared to discuss it and ask questions.

Also, please begin to post into the Class Forum. Ask questions or simply use the forum to introduce yourself.

The audio conference bridge has been set up for this class and your numbers and code are shown below. Please use this same numbers and code for each session of the class.

Audio Access Telephone Numbers (use either):

TeleWorship Local : 1-(513) 977-8981
TeleWorship Toll Free : 1-(866) 844-6291

You can dial into the conference bridge using either of the numbers shown above.

You will then hear the prompts of our auto-attendant.

When prompted please enter your access code:

Access Code: 1968235

The conference bridge will be opened 20 minutes before the starting time of the class.

Bridge will open at 10:40am CST (11:40am EST)
Class will start at 11:00am CST (12:00pm EST)

You're welcome to enter the class and chat with your classmates until the start of the class. Please be on the call before the start of the class at 11:00am CST so we can start promptly.

Looking forward to meeting all of you in the call tomorrow and in the Class Forum!

Start Using the Class Forum 

A fully-functional Class Forum is an important part of the Virtual Classroom. You will get the most out of this class if you read and post (!) to the forum often.

Click here to go to the Class Forum

Myself, I check the forums everyday!

The Class Forum provides a class-wide communications channel for all participants; faculty, guests and students. It provides a venue for discussion and on-going dialog outside of the limited scope of our live conference calls. The Class Forum is available 24x7 for the duration of the class.

Anyone with access to this class may read and/or post new topics for discussion or make comments on topics posted by others. If you have a question about any session or a question on a general topic, you can post it here. The back-and-forth responses from other students and faculty will create two-way interactive dialogs among all participants.

Use of the Class Forum makes the Virtual Classroom a "learning community." Also, participating in the forum is a key factor in establishing valued relationship among all of class. This is important in a far-flung class inherent in distance learning it helps break down distance barriers.

Postings certainly can be about questions or discussions on session topics. However, we DO NOT limit the scope of the discussion. Any topic can be discussed, even personal off-topic ones.

To get started, use the Class Forum to introduce yourself. Start a "new thread" and tell us something about yourself. Read the posting from your classmates and add your comments to their postings.

Come back to the forum later and read the comments that have been posted by your classmates. Add additional comments if you wish. Repeat as often as the conversation can be sustained.

This exercise will not only allow us all to learn a little bit about each other but we will also get used to posting into the Class Forum.

Please use the Class Forum to bounce ideas off your classmates, exchange ideas and test new approaches before you plan your sermons or Bible studies. Our type of online learning is highly interactive and is rich in peer-to-peer learning and dialogs; take advantage of it!


Please tell your colleagues about this new course!
"Lent: Dying, Rising, and Living Anew"
By Dr. Richard Lowery, Ph.D.

With additional discussion with Rev. Linda McCrae.
New Lenten Course
This course explores the Hebrew Bible lections for Lent in the Revised Common Lectionary, Year C, beginning with the alternate suggested reading for Ash Wednesday (Isaiah 58) and ending with the Fifth Sunday in Lent.
Free Video Sample
Click here to see the free video course trailer.
Course Fees:
$79.99 per student for sermon prep (includes six hours of live conference calls with Dr. Lowery.)
$99.99 per group for the Group Public Use License (see details.)
$12.99 per user for the optional Individual Access License for Members of a Group (see details.)

To Register:
Click here to register for sermon prep.

Click here to register for the Group Public-Use License.

Click here to register for the Individual Access License for Members of a Group.

For More Information:
Click here for home page. 
Click here for brochure.
Click here for flyer.
Click here for details.
Click here for syllabus.
Click here for Rick's bio.
Click here for Linda's bio.
Click here for outcomes.



Christian College and TransformingTheChurch.org have endeavored to make this course as RELEVANT and as ACCESSIBLE to as many Pastors as possible. Our pricing is set in order to ensure that even those on a “lean” professional development or educational budget can participate. This is not only fresh, new content for Lenten preparation, but affords several hours of direct interaction with the instructor. We believe that the VALUE is unsurpassed, and we offer this course to the Church and Her Servants with hopes that you can participate.