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e-Newsletter - Volume 3, Number 2
"Lent: Dying, Rising, and Living Anew" with Dr. Rick Lowery
and Rev. Linda McCrae

by Bill Anderton

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Getting ready for Lent involves some thinking, praying and setting the stage for the changes that we hope to introduce into our lives in the weeks ahead.  Even though we may think we may be hidden away until we are ready, we find in the Hebrew Scriptures of the First Testament that God is not waiting around for the seasons to change. 

God is relentless: From the first day of Lent, the Ash Wednesday, the Scriptures we hear (and read and study) make God’s call to us clear: “Return to me with your whole heart.”

The first month of Winter in the Northern Hemisphere may seem too soon to begin thinking about Spring, and the lengthening of days which we know as the “Lenten Season.” But it isn’t ... especially not for the busy pastor who will be faced soon enough with “Ash Wednesday."

Join us in this weekly journey of video lectures by Dr. Rick Lowery, followed by video dialogue between Rick and his pastor, The Reverend Linda McCrae, as we prepare ourselves for the experience of study and preparation like the early church prepared converts before baptism on Easter Eve. What better way to discover meaning for TODAY than to join with colleagues in this video course and its weekly live conference calls with Dr. Lowery in advance of each Sunday’s text.

Over Four Hours of High-Quality Video-on-Demand

The first components of the course are six video-on-demand sessions totaling 4:10 (h:mm) of high-definition high-quality professionally-produced multi-camera video.

Each of the six sessions begins with Dr. Lowery's lecture about the week's text.


After Dr. Lowery's lecture, each video contains a discussion of the text between Dr. Lowery and Rev. Linda McCrae of Central Christian Church of Indianapolis.


All video-on-demand sessions are delivered by video streaming that features Adaptive Streaming support to insure that each user receives the highest possible stream quality that each individual broadband connection will allow. The course and its videos can be accessed from anywhere at any time with nothing more than a web browser and a broadband connection.

Click here to see a free video sample of our new course.

The Course Also Includes Six Weekly Hour-Long Live Conference Calls With Dr. Lowery

After viewing each week's video-on-demand session, join in a live weekly conference call with Dr. Lowery and the other students of the class for Q&A and discussion of each week's text.

Also, an interactive Learning Community can be accessed 24x7 for for the duration of the Lenten season for additional materials and the Class Forum which allows continuous discussion of the texts among all of the members of the class and faculty.

The Course Is Intended for Sermon Preparation for the Lenten Season

What better way to discover meaning for TODAY than to join with colleagues in this video course and its weekly live conference calls with Dr. Lowery in advance of each Sunday’s text.

The Course Is Open Now!

The Virtual Classroom for this course is open NOW and you can register online TODAY with a credit or debit card and receive instant access to the classroom and all of the videos for the duration of the Lenten season.

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The six live conference calls will begin Thursday, January 31st and continue weekly. Each conference call will start at 11 A.M CST and last for approximately one hour. If you have to miss a call any week, each live conference call will be recorded and posted in the Virtual Classroom for your review.

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"Lent: Dying, Rising, and Living Anew"
By Dr. Richard Lowery, Ph.D.

With additional discussion with Rev. Linda McCrae.
New Lenten Course
This course explores the Hebrew Bible lections for Lent in the Revised Common Lectionary, Year C, beginning with the alternate suggested reading for Ash Wednesday (Isaiah 58) and ending with the Fifth Sunday in Lent.
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Christian College and TransformingTheChurch.org have endeavored to make this course as RELEVANT and as ACCESSIBLE to as many Pastors as possible. Our pricing is set in order to ensure that even those on a “lean” professional development or educational budget can participate. This is not only fresh, new content for Lenten preparation, but affords several hours of direct interaction with the instructor. We believe that the VALUE is unsurpassed, and we offer this course to the Church and Her Servants with hopes that you can participate.