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Festival's Film Discussion Forum

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Thursday night: The Preview Is Open For the Next Hour

By Bill Anderton on 3/5/2015 8:01 PM

As planned, I am doing a one-hour preview tonight, Thursday, March 5th, as a final test. I just made the preview live promptly at 7pm. I will be open for an hour.

Added by Bill Anderton

Why a preview? The preview will be our final public test of all of the technical elements AND the content of all of the film. In other words, it is an "all up" test.

This test is just to make sure that we ready in all respects for the opening of the festival tomorrow.

BTW, this preview is the first time that all of the elements of our newly upgraded media platform will have been presented to the public.

Added by Bill Anderton

I also tested the time that it takes to reconfigure the festival mini-site from its "promotion mode" to the "live festival mode." I estimated that it would take two minutes so started the switch-over at 6:58pm and made it in almost exactly two minutes.

Good experience for the cut-over tomorrow.
Added by Bill Anderton

I have finished all of my final testing and everything is good to go! Hazzah!

I will open the festival for all comers, tomorrow, Friday at 2pm CST.

See all of you then!!
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