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Featured Festival Film: "Sintel" (2010)

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Tips for Playing Film

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Sintel is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license by the Blender Foundation.


Released: September 27, 2010
Duration (mm:ss): 14:48
Aspect Ration: 2.35:1
Director: Colin Levy
Producer: Ton Roosendaal
Writer: Esther Wouda
Budget: 400,000 EUR
Country: Netherlands

In the film we meet a lonely girl who is saved on a barren snowfield by a shaman. In the hut of the shaman she tells her life story; how she found a wounded baby dragon in a dilapidated city, and how a deep bond grows between them. When the little dragon is kidnapped violently by an adult dragon, she takes a long quest. After her visit to the shaman she then undergoes a dramatic confrontation with the adult dragon.


  • Best Short Animation - Seattle International Film Festival 2011
  • Best International Animation - Washington DC Independent Film Festival 2011
  • Best Animation - Washington DC Independent Film Festival 2011
  • Jerry Goldsmith Award - Best Score - International Film Music Festival
  • Jerry Goldsmith Award - Best Credit Song - International Film Music Festival

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