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Registrar's Catalog Detail Page

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The Disciples of Christ -- History, Polity and Ethos

jerry_gladson_240w.pngThis twelve-lesson course is taught by Rev. Dr. Jerry Gladson and explores the history and polity of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) from its origins in the early 1800s to the present. Emphasis focuses on the pioneer founders of the denomination, Thomas and Alexander Campbell, Barton Stone, and Walter Scott, and their influence on the movement that emerged out of their efforts. The growth of the denomination will be viewed in the context of national and international history as it grew to take its place among the established, mainstream churches of modern times. Attention will also be given to the Restructure of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) that has shaped its modern identity, polity, ethos, and mission.

Taught by Dr. Jerry Gladson.

The next class will begin January 20, 2019 and run through April 13, 2019

  • The way Dr. Gladson teaches the course puts an emphasis on systematically working together in joint participation in the online class discussion assignments in the Class Forum beginning on January 20th. Working together, the class will complete one lesson per week for the eleven weeks of the Spring Term course.
  • All students MUST complete all of their work and papers for submission by August 8th. Unfortunately, extensions for incomplete work cannot be granted in the Summer Term course.
  • Students are encouraged to register early. The Virtual classroom for this course is open now and upon registration all students will gain immediate access to all of the classroom materials. Viewing the videos and doing the readings can begin BEFORE May 20th to provide students a chance to get a head start. This should help students complete all work by the August 8th end date.

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Course Details

For more than a decade, Dr. Jerry Gladson has prepared and taught a foundational course for all those who enter ministry in Georgia: The Disciples of Christ -- History, Polity and Ethos. Dr. Gladson has offered this course, through Christian College, for those who were enrolled in the Institute for Christian Ministry and for Seminarians enrolled in five graduate theological seminaries in the Greater Atlanta Area. Many who have transferred their standing to the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) through the Region of Georgia have also completed this course.

When Jerry taught this course at Columbia Theological Seminary in Decatur, the Seminarians who were enrolled were included in a film project, under the direction of Mr. Buddy Ray (Georgia Disciples Webmaster and Professor at Georgia State University). Buddy filmed and edited each course, giving careful attention to the handouts for the course, the power-point presentations, and the other supplementary materials. Now, thanks to Buddy’s efforts, Jerry’s expertise, and the addition of interactive distance learning features provided by the TransformingTheChurch.org system, the course will once again be available for online completion this Spring, 2019.

Seminarians and others who are interested in enrolling in this course will find a general outline on this site. Prior to enrolling, those who are interested should contact Bob Harris, Christian College President, in order to be sure that they have all the pertinent information which they require before concluding that the course will meet their needs (this is particularly important for Seminarians and others seeking “Standing” through Regions other than Georgia). The course will begin upon enrollment, but the student MUST plan his or her schedule in order to complete the course no later than the last scheduled day of the class. This is a one-semester course, and usually requires about 75 days to complete. All class work should be completed no later than April  13, 2019. There are text books to be ordered and registration forms (online) to complete.

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Contact Bob Harris today to discover how you can take full advantage of this opportunity to enroll in this dynamic, compelling overview of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). 1-800-235-2496 or (mobile) 770-815-9078