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e-Newsletter - Volume 7, Number 6
Students With Incomplete Work In JG-01 Now Have a New Virtual Classroom To Use. Please Note the Final Completion Deadline!
by Bill Anderton

As you should know, the official last day of class was Saturday, April 8, 2017. All discussion work and submission of the papers due for grading should have been submitted by that date.

However, some of you have not yet completed one or more of the assignments due.

We have arranged for students with incomplete work to receive an extension in order to complete their work.

All students from the JG-01 Winter Term, along with all of their work, have been moved to a new Virtual Classroom for extending their term in order to complete any work that is overdue

The new virtual Classroom for extending students can be accessed via https://www.transformingthechurch.org/JG-01_extending_course_home

Your access to the normal JG-01 Virtual Classroom have been removed so that we can reset the classroom and the new incoming Summer Term students can begin using this normal JG-01 Virtual Classroom for their term.

If you have bookmarked the URL for the old classroom, it will no longer allow access via the outdated bookmark. However, you have full access to the new classroom and all of your work has been moved there.

You can access the new classroom by clicking on the link above or by simply logging in and selecting the new classroom in the Entry Lobby page or in your "My Registered Spaces" menu in the primary navigation at the top of every page. Please note that log in is required to populate these two spaces with your information.

Please Note Final Submission Deadline

Please note that to receive credit for this course, all work must be completed and submitted by Wednesday, May 17, 2017. This is just shy of six weeks from the official last day of class which should provide ample additional time to cure any incomplete work.

Additional extensions will NOT be granted. Students needing credit for this course but who do not submit all required work will be required to repeat the full course from the beginning in an upcoming term via a new registration and course fee.

About the New Classroom

This Virtual Classroom is an abbreviated version of the normal JG-01 Virtual Classroom; only the necessities are included. All of the Lessons, videos and material have been included; everything necessary to finish your work. 

All of your work from the regular-term JG-01 Virtual Classroom such as Class Forum postings and the paper submission data base has been transferred into this special classroom. All Class Forum postings for the entire class can be seen and used within the new classroom. Also, previously submitted papers remain in our time-stamped data base of submitted work.

All of this previously-completed work does not have to be repeated, only the incomplete work finished.

All student access to this special Virtual Classroom for extending students will expire after midnight on May 17, 2017. After this date, this new Virtual Classroom will close; no further work for this course in this term will be accepted.

About This Course

This course is entirely online; no travel is required and all you need to participate is an web browser and a suitable broadband Internet connection.

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