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e-Newsletter - Volume 5, Number 23
New Course: SL-02 - "Holistic Stewardship" with Sandy Lindahl Starts Next Week
by Bill Anderton

This class illuminates the reach of stewardship practices far into our personal and societal lives.  "Holistic stewardship" involves recognizing our choices and making decisions that contribute to the wholeness of our lives and those of others, even of all Creation.  Moving beyond the traditional questions of using our "time, talent and treasure" this content raises questions about cultural assumptions, compares economic models, and considers the global implications of personal and communal decisions.

"The nature of enough" alludes to the difficult questions about determining sufficiency for all of  life to be in balance.  The typical tug-of-war between the contrasting lenses of abundance and scarcity is an important factor as people determine what is "enough" in any given situation.  Class participants will read  various writers' ideas on how people can seek sufficiency in their everyday routines and the influence they may have in broader spheres such as the current economic system and collaborations among distinctly different societies.

Class begins October 12th and the first live conference call will be on the evening of October 19th. Registration closes at 5 pm Central, October 19th. The course runs through November 16th.

Click here for details and a free promotional video.

Registration is now open for the Holistic Stewardship online course, jointly offered by the Ecumenical Stewardship Center and TransformingTheChurch.org.

The course fee is $49.95.

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Holistic Stewardship includes five audio-graphic video lessons that students can view at their convenience PLUS interaction through the course's Virtual Classroom and three live conference calls with the instructor during the term of the course.

Holistic Stewardship is part of the Steward Leaders Engaging God’s Mission online course series  offered by the Ecumenical Stewardship Center and TransformingTheChurch.org.

Students enrolled in Steward Leaders Engaging God’s Mission courses learn principles and practices relating to stewardship and leadership through studying Scripture, exploring holistic perspectives, critiquing culture, developing healthy relationships, and achieving financial health.


About This Course

This course is entirely online; no travel is required and all you need to participate is a web browser and a suitable broadband Internet connection.

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