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e-Newsletter - Volume 5, Number 19
We Just Completed Our Largest Upgrade -- Ever!
by Bill Anderton

We just finished the largest upgrade to our website that we have ever performed. Overall, we have worked on this upgrade for the last eight months. During this period, all work was performed in the background while students and visitors continued to use the website without disruption and with an only minimal inconvenience.

We are now fully cutover to the new technologies and ready for the upcoming fall term. We will announce our Fall Catalog shortly.

Please pop into the website at www.tranformingthechurch.org and have a look. Be sure to also check us out on you smartphone and tablet. Our pages and media support desktop and mobile devices in an extremely optimal way and will automatically respond to the capabilities of the device you use.

The work began just before Thanksgiving 2014 when we migrated off our old streaming platform to the new system. Since November, we did the deep software development necessary to fully use all of the new features available to us.

Since November, we built and deployed a wholly new media platform and content delivery network. We re-master all 40-terrabytes of our video library to use the new capabilities.

Further, we converted all of our pages to a new approach to fully support both mobile and desktop devices. The approach is called “responsive design.” For mobile devices, we have supported another technical approach called “adaptive design” for some time. However, after extensive testing, the responsive design proved to be superior and have many operational advantages such as “authoring once, serving all.”

All of the final work and testing has been completed and everything is operating on the new platform that is in optimal production status.

For more information and updates about our upgrade, see the following public web pages:

Blog Posting About Update

July Upgrade Report

November Migration Report


About the Website

Our courses, lectures, and communities are entirely online; no travel is required, and all you need to participate is a web browser and a suitable broadband Internet connection.