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e-Newsletter - Volume 4, Number 73
Top Up Your Web Skills This Summer With Our FREE Online Resource
by Bill Anderton

It is summer and many people are involved in vacations, out-of-town church conferences, picnics, summer camps, days at the lake, children out of school and hundreds of other seasonal distractions. Plus, it is just too darn hot to get too enthusiastic about doing much of anything.

Called “caniculares dies" (days of the dogs) in ancient Rome, we’re in the period of summer beginning in the first week of July and lasting to the second week of August.

It is the dog days of summer.


However, our Online Ministries Special-Interest Community is very active during the dog days. Cool content is being added to the community on a weekly basis.

Join us. Grab a tall iced tea or lemonade, kick back and learn about church websites with our FREE online learning resource.

Click here to register. It is FREE!

Current Content In the Community

Rookie Blog – Community Curator Bill Anderton is in the middle of a series on “Cat Herding” about how to recruit, train and lead volunteers to work on your church's website and social media efforts.

Webmaster Blog – On Tuesday, Community Curator Bill Anderton will start a new multi-part series on “How to Write for Web Pages” which is a tutorial for developing better content-creation skills for church websites.

Goolge’s Webmaster Tutorial Videos – We’re now carrying Matt Cutts’ ongoing videos that teach basic concepts and techniques for getting the best results from search engines.

Moz’s Whiteboard Friday Videos – For the more advanced webmaster, Moz continues its very innovative and instructive Friday lectures on search engine optimization and inbound marketing that build traffic to your website.

Webmaster News - Always current, our Webmaster News feed aggregates news from dozens of sources from around the country.

About the Community

The Online Ministries Special-Interest Community is dedicated to teaching the planning, building and operating the online assets of churches. The community allows interactive participation among its members as well as with subject-matter experts dedicated to mentoring the community. 

Some of the most important constituencies served by the Online Ministries Special-Interest Community include people without previous technical backgrounds such as clergy, church boards, leaders and volunteers. Anyone with or without prior experience, who needs to plan websites or lead teams that develop and operate online ministries.

This free online community is the first of a series of resources for helping churches improve their websites, social media and other online presences.